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Vietnam faced a tumultuous 2021, still grappling with the aftershocks of the global COVID-19 outbreak. Throughout 2020 and 2021, numerous sectors and businesses bore the brunt of the pandemic’s impacts. However, lately, there’s a revival in the Vietnamese economy. Consequently, international investors are eager to access Visa services for Vietnam.

In 2020, Vietnam implemented a stringent lockdown spanning five months to mitigate virus transmission. This move necessitated many enterprises to temporarily cease operations and refuse patronage. Furthermore, global logistics chains confronted significant disruptions, compelling many trade establishments to recalibrate their strategies.

Yet, as of October, Vietnam’s economic horizon is brighter, resuming activities and preparing for a post-pandemic era. Notwithstanding the setbacks a few months earlier, the Vietnamese government has proactively championed economic revitalization. Collaborating closely with health specialists and authorities, Vietnamese leaders are ardently pursuing the economic vigor the nation savored pre-pandemic.

Presently, the government’s Planning and Investment Ministry has strategized to attain a 7% annual GDP growth for the forthcoming five years. This ambition indicates Vietnam’s readiness to welcome investments and economic initiatives. Overseas investors are increasingly optimistic about Vietnam’s prospects as a pivotal economic player in the future.

Business Visa Categories in Vietnam

Business visas rank as the next frequently availed visa after the tourist visa and come in two specific classifications: DN1 and DN2.

Business Visa

  • DN1 Visa: This visa type is extended to foreign nationals engaged in work-related roles with recognized entities that adhere to Vietnam’s legal framework.
  • DN2 Visa: Designed for foreigners intending to institute a business venture in Vietnam in alignment with international agreements to which Vietnam is a signatory.

Moreover, business visas for Vietnam are segmented based on entry types and their duration:

  • 1-month with a single entry
  • 1-month with multiple entries
  • 3 months with a single entry
  • 3 months with multiple entries

There are two primary pathways for foreigners to obtain a Vietnamese business visa:

  • Visa Upon Arrival: Ensure you carry all pertinent documents upon entering Vietnam. Possessing a sponsorship letter is strongly advised to facilitate the visa on arrival process.
  • Through a Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate: Engage with your local Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. The personnel there will provide a detailed checklist of prerequisites and documents vital for visa issuance.

For individuals anticipating an extended stay in Vietnam, exceeding three months, it’s prudent to consider other visa options like the Investor and Employment visas.

Investor Visa

An Investor visa is tailored for overseas individuals investing in Vietnamese enterprises or establishments. Similar to a business visa, the Investor visa has various subdivisions:

  • DT1 Visa: Extended to international investors in Vietnam who’ve infused a capital of VND 100 billion or more. This visa variant offers a validity of up to five years.
  • DT2 Visa: Catered to overseas investors in Vietnam with capital commitments below VND 100 billion. The validity of this visa spans up to five years.
  • DT3 Visa: Designated for foreign investors in Vietnam with capital contributions falling below VND 50 billion. The DT3 visa comes with a three-year validity.
  • DT4 Visa: Meant for international investors in Vietnam with an investment not exceeding VND 3 billion. This particular Investor visa remains valid for a period up to one year.

Working Visa

Working visas are available to overseas individuals with professional commitments to recognized businesses or entities within Vietnam. There are two main classifications of these visas: LD1 and LD2.

  • LD1 Visa: Designed for foreign nationals entering Vietnam with a certification exempting them from the work permit, unless specific international agreements involving Vietnam dictate otherwise.
  • LD2 Visa: Allocated to foreign individuals who successfully acquire a work permit for Vietnam.

Typically, a Working  visa remains valid for a duration extending up to two years.

Efficient Visa Service with Premia TNC

Vietnamese visa applications can be complex due to many documents and permits. For foreign investors, this can be overwhelming. Premia TNC helps simplify this process, offering efficient visa services for those looking to work or invest in Vietnam.

With a deep understanding of the Vietnam visa process, Premia TNC is committed to offering streamlined visa services, empowering foreign talents and investors to venture into Vietnam with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a successful Vietnamese business visa application, consider the subsequent essentials:

  • Ensure you’re permitted to enter Vietnam without restrictions.
  • Partner with a credible Vietnamese enterprise that vouches for your visa and journey. It’s critical to note that affiliations with inauthentic or ‘phantom’ businesses can lead to visa disapprovals.
  • Maintain a passport that holds at least a six-month validity from your projected Vietnam entry date, accompanied by a minimum of two available pages.

Whether you’re seeking a business visa on arrival or through your local Vietnamese consulate, a sponsorship or invitation letter is pivotal. Without an endorsing business entity in Vietnam, obtaining an entry permit becomes a challenge.

Yes, whether you’ve secured your visa through an embassy or opted for a visa on arrival, extensions are available.

While a business visa does grant short-term work privileges in Vietnam, those aiming for extended employment durations should consider acquiring a work permit alongside their business visa.

The cost associated with obtaining a business visa for Vietnam fluctuates based on its validity period and your chosen application route.

State fees for Visa on Arrival:

  • 1 month, single entry: USD 25
  • 1 month, multiple entries: USD 50
  • 3 months, single entry: USD 25
  • 3 months, multiple entries: USD 50

For Business Visas applied through the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate: The pricing might differ depending on the specific diplomatic mission.

When considering visa processing, partnering with adept services such as Premia TNC offers tangible perks:

Hassle-free Experience: Bypass the stress of navigating crowded embassies or consulates. Crowds aren’t just inconvenient, but in some situations, they could raise safety concerns. Expert services ensure that every requirement is met before you set foot in an embassy, paving the way for smoother transactions.

Convenience is Key: Often, accessing an embassy or consulate necessitates significant travel, sometimes even spanning continents. On the other hand, visa service providers offer easy-to-access solutions, often with online support, eliminating the need for cumbersome journeys.

Economical in the Long Run: Initial costs might seem higher, but consider the saved travel costs, potential accommodation expenses, and most importantly, the reduced risk of application rejections due to minor oversights. Engaging experts can be financially astute.

Bespoke Support: An embassy’s primary role is administrative processing. However, companies like Premia TNC prioritize customer-centric approaches. Their raison d’être is to simplify the intricate visa maze for their clients. Their keen eye for detail ensures you remain stress-free, letting you concentrate on your primary business activities.

In essence, the choice to employ a specialized visa service is not merely about outsourcing a task. It’s about optimizing the visa acquisition journey, ensuring reliability, and fostering peace of mind.

Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

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Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

Get in touch today for a FREE consultation.
No hidden costs, no obligations.

Feel free to drop us an email too!
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