Malaysia Virtual Office

A virtual office might be a great method to minimize costs when running a business in Malaysia. All of the services associated with an office are provided by the virtual office without the added cost of administrative staff and leasing. The various needs of the clients are also met by the broad range of business and communication support that is offered.

Premia TNC provides tailored office administration services for your business, in addition to virtual offices. At a fraction of the expense of a regular office, a virtual office will provide you with all of the advantages.

Explore the standout features of our virtual office in Malaysia:

  • Prime office address in an A-grade commercial building for an enhanced corporate image.

  • Mail-receiving service tailored for your company’s convenience.

  • Professional phone answering service.

  • Exclusive access to our conference room (reservation required).

Experience the advantages of a virtual office:

A virtual office presents a more cost-effective alternative to a physical office, minimizing expenses related to leasing, purchasing office equipment, maintenance, utilities, and more. This allows companies to save capital, enabling them to reinvest in core business operations.

Expand your business seamlessly with a virtual office, eliminating the need for relocation to a larger space and the associated higher rental costs. It provides a cost-effective opportunity to establish a presence in new locations, facilitating market testing without the burden of relocation expenses.

Virtual office services empower employees to work remotely, offering flexibility in work locations. This flexibility attracts a broader talent pool, enabling companies to tap into the best talent regardless of their geographical location.

With virtual office support services such as call answering, mail handling, and parcel redirection, employers can focus on core business activities without the burden of time-consuming general administration tasks. Streamline your operations and maximize productivity with the efficiency of a virtual office.


Services for mailing

  • Receipts from the post and mail

  • Reputable correspondence address


Services for calling

  • A dedicated phone number

  • Professional call answering service personalized with your business name, including message-taking.

Value-added selections

Explore these additional services that bring value to your company:

Mail redirecting

Forward standard letters to an alternative address in Singapore or overseas. Courier fees will be incurred at the actual cost, along with handling charges.

Parcel redirecting

We may accept small parcels, such as DHL cartons (1 to 2 boxes), with associated handling and storage fees. Kindly furnish the virtual office team with delivery details in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Activating your virtual office is a swift and straightforward process. Upon confirming your business’s legal registration in Malaysia, simply reach out to us, and we will promptly activate your new virtual office.

No, there is no requirement to visit your virtual office. However, if you choose to collect mail or utilize our conference room, you are more than welcome to visit the office at your convenience.

Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

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Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

Get in touch today for a FREE consultation.
No hidden costs, no obligations.

Feel free to drop us an email too!
[email protected]