Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services in Malaysia

  • Business registration and formation

  • Registered office address provision

  • Local resident company secretary service for SSM or CCM registration

  • Maintenance and updating of statutory registers and minute books

  • Facilitation of shareholder and director meetings

  • Annual return preparation and submission

  • Bank account opening assistance

  • Share capital structure modification, transfer, and share allotment

  • Changes in directors, managers, auditors, and company secretary

  • Registered office address modification

  • Company name change

  • Bank signatory alterations

  • Amendments and alterations to the constitution

  • Company deregistration and striking off

Eligibility requirements for a company secretary in Malaysia

When establishing a company in Malaysia, it is a legal requirement to appoint a company secretary within 30 days after the company’s incorporation, as stipulated by the Companies Act 2016. The role of the company secretary is pivotal in ensuring the company’s adherence to regulatory compliance.

The selected individual responsible for corporate secretarial services must strictly adhere to the strict criteria set forth in the Malaysian Companies Act 2016. The company secretary must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Malaysia, either as a Malaysian citizen or a permanent resident. Furthermore, they should hold a qualification as a chartered accountant or be registered with one of the recognized professional bodies, which include the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA), or the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

The Role of a Company Secretary

The role of a company secretary in Malaysia encompasses several crucial responsibilities. Firstly, they are tasked with ensuring that the organization strictly complies with all of Malaysia’s corporate laws and regulations. Additionally, they are responsible for keeping the company’s board members well informed about their legal obligations to the company.


The company secretary also assumes the role of the company’s compliance officer, serving as a vital link between the board members and legal compliance. It is their duty to ensure that the board members fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with the law, corporate governance principles, and listing requirements.


Ensuring the company conducts its mandatory meetings on time is another key duty of the company secretary. Moreover, they must ensure that both the company and its directors adhere to the Company Constitution in Malaysia.


When any structural changes occur within the company, the company secretary is responsible for updating the statutory registers of the company. These changes must be accurately recorded in the prescribed forms as per legal requirements and submitted to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) within the specified timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions

In compliance with the Companies Act 2016 in Malaysia, the company secretary must be a person who is both Malaysian and at least 18 years of age. Alongside that, the company secretary should be a member of a professional body listed in the Fourth Schedule or an individual licensed by the Commission under Section 20G of the Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 2001.

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Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

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Feel free to drop us an email too!
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