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Hong Kong, a free port, exempts imported and exported goods from tariffs, quota restrictions, and surcharges. This unique feature, coupled with Hong Kong’s strategic geographical location, has drawn investors worldwide for decades. It provides a safe gateway for foreign companies to access the Mainland, making it a preferred location for trading companies.

Hong Kong, Asia’s premier financial and business hub, offers a conducive business environment characterized by low taxation, rule of law, a free economy, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a pool of skilled professionals.

Renowned as a logistics and maritime services hub and a regional trading center, Hong Kong serves as the perfect “super-connector” between the Mainland and the global market. As China’s leading international financial center and one of the world’s financial capitals, Hong Kong leverages its vast experience, expertise, and networks to function as a significant fundraising hub.

Certain business activities in Hong Kong necessitate a license from a specific Hong Kong government agency or department. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine if your business requires a license in Hong Kong. Premia TNC, with its extensive experience and professional trading knowledge, offers comprehensive trading services in Hong Kong, ensuring smooth business operations.

Service for a Letter of Credit (L/C)

  • Arranging the opening of a Letter of Credit (“LC”)
  • Organizing documents for LC negotiation or collection
  • Managing the transfer of LC and amendments
  • Drafting the LC’s certificate
  • Creating the bank’s letter

Service for Logistics

  • Arranging shipping
  • Booking for a customer-specified forwarder
  • Preparing a commercial invoice and packing list
  • Arranging local delivery
  • Organizing an unloading service for FCL (full container load)
  • Arranging temporary storage for FCL or LCL (less than container load)
  • Preparing import or export declarations

Service for Licenses

  • Acquiring import or export licenses
  • Registering as an importer and distributor
  • Issuing a Certificate of Origin (CO)

Frequently Asked Questions

A trading service refers to a business that excels in purchasing, storing, and distributing products to its clients.

Hong Kong proves to be an excellent hub for initiating a trading service business, despite its compact size. The city stands out as one of the leading exporters in both merchandise trade and commercial services, owing to two key factors:

  • Free trade policy: 

Hong Kong embraces a robust ‘free trade policy’ that actively reduces barriers and eliminates tariffs on the import and export of goods.

  • CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Agreement): 

Also recognized as the Hong Kong-China Free Trade Agreement, CEPA grants Hong Kong companies preferential access to the expansive Mainland China market. This advantageous agreement implies that presenting a ‘Certificate of Hong Kong Origin’ exempts businesses from paying tariffs, fostering a conducive environment for trading enterprises.

Depending on the nature of the goods involved, the establishment and operation of a trading business may necessitate the acquisition of specific permits. It is crucial to note that a license is typically mandated for the importation of goods that carry potential risks to public health or pose security threats.

A diverse range of products falls under this regulatory purview, including but not limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical products: Any trading activities involving pharmaceuticals necessitate a thorough compliance check to ensure public safety.
  • Food items: Importing and trading in food products require adherence to regulatory standards to safeguard consumer health and well-being.
  • Animals: Transactions involving the import or export of animals must meet regulatory criteria to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure humane treatment.
  • Pesticides: The importation of pesticides demands careful scrutiny due to their potential environmental and health impacts.
  • Hazardous chemicals: Handling and trading hazardous chemicals necessitate strict adherence to safety protocols and regulatory guidelines.
  • Radio transmission equipment: The import and use of such equipment are subject to licensing to manage frequency interference and ensure responsible usage.
  • Importing and exporting plants: Transactions involving plants are regulated to prevent the introduction of invasive species and plant diseases.
  • Radioactive substances: Trading in radioactive substances is tightly regulated to prevent any risk to public safety or environmental contamination.
  • Strategic commodities: Certain goods deemed strategic commodities are subject to strict control measures for national security reasons.

While self-registration is an option, we highly recommend engaging a professional agency for registering or forming a trading business in Hong Kong. This ensures full compliance with government regulations and minimizes the risk of future issues. 

Going through the process without agency assistance can be risky. Contact us for a quote and start your trading service on solid ground.

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Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

Get in touch today for a FREE consultation.
No hidden costs, no obligations.

Feel free to drop us an email too!
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