How to Choose and Register Company Name in Singapore : Vital Steps to Follow

Register Company Name in Singapore

When establishing a company in Singapore, one of the crucial aspects is choosing and registering your company name. A well-thought-out company name not only serves as your business identity but also plays a significant role in branding and marketing. To ensure a smooth registration process and avoid potential legal issues down the road, it’s imperative to follow the vital steps outlined below. 

Preliminary Considerations 

ACRA Regulation 

Before starting the creative process of naming your company, familiarize yourself with name regulations from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). This includes compliance with ACRA regulations, taking into consideration offensive and prohibited terms, and ensuring that your chosen name is unique and distinguishable. 

A proposed company name will be rejected if it is: 

  • Undesirable, meaning it could be considered obscene or offensive to any countries, religions or communities 
  • Against public policy such as sounding too similar to the name of a government body or has words that the Minister of Finance has instructed the Registrar not to approve, such as “Temasek”. 
  • Identical to a registered or reserved name disregarding the following: 
  1. Suffixes such as Sendirian, Sdn, Berhad, Bhd, Private, Pte, Limited Partnership, LP, Limited Liability Partnership, LLP, Public Accounting Corporation, PAC; 
  1. Having the word “The” at the start of the name; 
  1. Words or expressions at the end of a name such as Asia, Asia Pacific, South Asia, South East Asia, International, Worldwide, Trading, Singapore, Holding, Holdings, Partnership, Partnerships, Partner, Partners, Associates, Corporation, Incorporated, Company, And Company, Group; 
  1. Parts of domain names at the end of a name such as .gov, .co, .net, .com, .org, .edu, .sg; 
  1. Any word or expression intending to represent anything under points (a) to (d) above; 
  1. Any name in its plural form or singular form depending on the registered or reserved name; 
  1. Others such as spacing between letters, brackets “[ ]”, parentheses “( )” and punctuation marks; 
  1. The symbol “&” as the word “and” if the registered or reserved name has the word “and” or vice versa. 

Below are some examples that are considered to be identical names: 


Trademark Search

Conducting a comprehensive trademark search is an essential step to avoid potential conflicts. This involves searching existing trademarks on the IPOS Digital Hub website and ensuring that your chosen name doesn’t infringe upon anyone else’s intellectual property rights.

Choosing the Perfect Company Name 

Brand Identity 

Your company name should reflect your business values and resonate with your target audience. It should also encapsulate the essence of your products or services and convey a strong brand identity.  

You should take the following into consideration: 

  • Check its pronunciation, spelling and how memorable it is; 
  • Try not to select names that are too specific or trending and does not allow for growth and evolution; 
  • Avoid selecting names that sound too similar to existing company names to prevent confusion; 
  • The same applies for names with similar words but in a different sequence. 

To aid you in your selection process, check for existing company names in the ACRA Register. If your selected name has more than one word, try searching for each word individually to see other company names currently using the same word. 

Domain Availability 

In this digital age, having an online presence is essential. Before finalizing your company name, check the availability of corresponding domain names. Your website is an extension of your brand, and having a matching domain name can enhance your company’s credibility. 

You may refer to this list of registrars that have been accredited by the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) If you are looking to register a domain name that ends with .sg or for your company. 

Registration Process 

ACRA Registration Portal 

Access the ACRA registration portal which starts the registration process. You’ll need a Singpass to log into the portal. If you don’t have one, engage a registered filing agent to carry out the registration on your behalf.  

Filling the Company Name Application 

When completing the name application, be sure to have the following information for your company on hand: 

  • Company Type; 
  • Proposed Entity Name (without the Suffix); 
  • Suffix (e.g. Pte. Ltd.); 
  • Primary Activity; 
  • Secondary Activity (if applicable); 
  • Details of either a director or shareholder (name, identification type/no., address if foreign, email address, mobile number or UEN No., entity name, company address if it’s a corporate shareholder). 

Name Approval and Reservation 

ACRA’s Evaluation 

Upon submission, the application may be approved immediately or referred to certain government agencies for review and approval. This referral will depend on the company name and business activity. For example, a company name and activity containing the word “surgery” will be referred to the Ministry to Health. Occasionally, a company name application could also be picked at random for referral. If your company name has been referred, the application might take approximately 14 to 60 days to process. 

Reservation Period 

If your chosen name passes ACRA’s scrutiny, a payment of S$15 for the name reservation will be required. Thereafter, you’ll receive an email acknowledgement regarding the name approval and reservation. The duration of this reservation period is 120 days and the name will be released for others to use if the incorporation process is not completed within this period. 

Protecting Your Company Name 

Trademark Registration 

Once you have incorporated your company, consider trademark registration for enhanced legal protection of your brand. This provides exclusive rights to your company name within your industry. As registering your company name with ACRA does not give you exclusive or intellectual property rights to the name, a separate application with the Intellectual Property of Singapore will allow you to hold such rights. 

Monitoring and Enforcement 

Be vigilant in identifying potential infringements of your company name or trademark. Understand how ACRA treats name complaints and submit an application, if required. When necessary, take legal action to protect your brand’s integrity. 

How Premia TNC can help 

Choosing and registering your Singapore company name is a multi-step process that demands careful consideration and adherence to legal requirements. By following these vital steps, you’ll not only secure a unique and memorable name for your company but also establish a strong foundation for your business endeavours in Singapore. Thorough planning and compliance are key to a successful company name registration process.  

Premia TNC provides comprehensive guidance throughout the registration process, from ensuring compliance with ACRA regulations to conducting checks on proposed company names. With Premia TNC’s support, companies can proceed with confidence, ensuring a smooth and legally sound company name registration experience. 

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