At Premia TNC, we grasp the dynamic challenges businesses encounter in Singapore’s competitive landscape. Our Corporate Support Services team, comprising seasoned and accredited business consultants, is committed to delivering practical and effective assistance to organizations across various sizes and industries. Whether you’re a top-tier multinational or a startup, we provide customized solutions to address your corporate support needs and propel your business toward success.

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Corporate Support Services

Premia TNC’s Corporate Support Services are crafted to address the varied needs of businesses in Singapore. Our goal is to deliver flexible and value-added solutions that effectively solve the specific challenges you face. Whether guiding you through the initial setup of your business or ensuring ongoing statutory compliance, financial reporting, and managed payroll services, we are dedicated to being your dependable partner throughout every step of your business journey.

Assessing Your Needs

Understanding your specific needs is our priority. Whether you are a startup, SME, or a large multinational, our Corporate Support Services team assesses your requirements comprehensively. We focus on:

  • Meeting Statutory Obligations:

    Navigating corporate compliance in Singapore’s complex legal landscape is simplified with our entity governance and compliance team, ensuring efficient fulfillment of your statutory obligations.

  • Resource Shifting to Core Activities:

    In an era of technological growth and globalization, we help you rationalize your resources. Outsourcing payroll processing liberates valuable human capital, allowing you to concentrate on core business activities that add significant value.

  • Digitalizing Finance Function:

    Efficiently managing your accounting and bookkeeping services is vital. Outsourcing these functions not only reduces the burden on your resources but also taps into the expertise of seasoned professionals and services.

Our Service Offerings

We deliver value through a range of services tailored to suit your business needs:

Entity Governance and Compliance

Navigating the complexities of regulation, risk, and legal entity management is made easier with our global network of company secretaries, lawyers, and governance specialists. Our services include:

  • Entity creation:

    Incorporation of entities, registration of branches, and re-domiciliation of entities.

  • Entity management:

    Board meeting facilitation, advice on corporate changes, guidance on legal entity compliance obligations, and ongoing compliance management.

  • Best practices and governance:

    Directors’ training, advice on subsidiary risk and governance framework with global perspectives.

Complete Payroll

Outsource your payroll processing to free up resources, ensure compliance, and focus on core business activities. Our payroll services include:

  • Payroll processing:

    Efficient and accurate payroll processing.

  • Statutory compliance:

    Ensuring compliance with payroll-related statutory obligations.

  • Employee self-service portals:

    Providing convenient access to payroll-related information for employees.

Accounting and Finance Solutions

Streamline your accounting and finance functions for better efficiency. Our services include:

  • Outsourced accounting:

    Alleviate administrative burdens with our professional accounting services.

  • Bookkeeping:

    Accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping services tailored to your business needs.

How Can Premia TNC Help?

Our team at Premia TNC strives for excellence in delivering top-class client service and support. We bring years of experience to help you achieve your business goals. From setting up a new business to ensuring company secretarial compliance, handling annual returns, or managing payroll services, we provide flexible and customized solutions tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Support Services

What does corporate compliance in Singapore entail?

Corporate compliance in Singapore involves fulfilling complex legal requirements governed by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority as well as Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, covering reporting and statutory obligations.

How does outsourced accounting benefit businesses?

Outsourced accounting alleviates administrative burdens, ensuring accurate and efficient financial management while leveraging experienced professionals and services.