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Google Marketing Solution: Why Your Business Needs a Singapore Google Marketing Company?

Most businesses have turned to the internet to help with advertising and marketing. There is now a decline in the number of organizations that use traditional marketing to gain customers. One of the ways that the internet has helped is by providing Google marketing solutions for companies. It is a fast means to reach local and global audiences. For instance, an international company that wants to advertise its services in Singapore definitely knows to use a good google marketing company to achieve that. Find out in this article everything there is to know about Google Marketing Solutions and how Premia TNC will be effective in a brand’s mission. 

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is a Google solution that allows brands to create ad campaigns using a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy. This search engine, Google, has positioned brands globally across different content networks and ensured to get them more traffic. It is also called a web positioning strategy that encompasses organic positioning and payment (SEM). It is a modern marketing technique that involves the use of keywords in paid adverts to help them appear on search engine result pages. keywords are used by people sending search queries on specific services or products. Therefore, by bidding on these keywords, the adverts created have a high likelihood of appearing alongside the search queries for these products and services. The leading benefit of search engine marketing is the ability to get your ads in the face of motivated customers actively searching for the products and services you offer.

There are 9 types of Google Ads campaigns:

  1. Search Campaigns

    • These are text-based ads on the Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)
  2. Display Campaigns

    • These are media-focused ads found on websites
  3. Video Campaigns

    • These are video ads which play on YouTube
  4. Shopping Campaigns

    • These are product feature ads on Google
  5. App Campaigns

    • These are ads specifically made for mobile apps on multiple channels
  6. Local Campaigns

    • These are Google Search ads that drive traffic to a physical location
  7. Smart Campaigns

    • These are ads created with Google Ads’ ‘Smart Mode’, an automated campaign builder
  8. Performance Max Campaigns

    • These are the newest type of campaign, touted to be a new and improved mix of Smart and Local Campaigns, driven by an AI campaign builder
  9. Discovery Campaigns

    • These are image-based ads made to look like native posts across Google’s feed placements

How Does Google Ads Work for a Business?

Google Ads are of different types but operate using a specific model – a pay-per-click method. It is simply developing a list of keywords that rank on Google and brands bidding for them. Brands with the highest bids are considered for ad placement on Google Search or Display networks.

Bid Assessment

Developing a maximum bid is the first step for setting up your Google Ad campaign. It depends on the bid options above. Once a business can come up with a bid, Google reviews it with competitors and chooses the one with the highest. For instance, if a brand's maximum bid is $8 and Google assesses cost per click as $4, such a brand will likely get a placement

Quality Score Estimation

The next part is estimating Quality Score. This score is generated based on ad quality, keyword strength, and landing page design. The score is often between a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10. A high-quality ad gets a good ranking and is offered at a low price

Bid x Quality Score Assessment

The final part is Google reviewing the bid amount with a Quality score to rank an ad on the SERP

Why Should A Business Use Google Ads?

The importance of Google Ads is to drive traffic to a brand by listing or optimizing services and products on the search engine, i.e., Google. However, that success depends on the campaign’s quality, which is why businesses are advised to develop great ones. If a brand considers Google Ads, here are other benefits to enjoy. 

Generates More Leads and Customers

Lead Generation is one of the many things Google Ads is known for. Through successfully creating a marketing campaign, Google Ads targets leads and drives them to a company's website or online platform. In the long run, these leads will become customers, thus, improving sales. Google Ads help businesses know their customers, so they do not become blindsided. A brand will know and focus on the people in need of its services. Over time, such an organization can improve its searches to send ads on products and services through Google to the right people.

Insight into a Brand's Market and Audience

Most businesses are concerned about providing the general public with their products and services without taking some time to research their actual needs. Google Ads helps businesses understand their audience and know what to offer them. Ideally, it isn't always easy because it requires intense research. However, brands are accessible to data that can now be used to determine customer habits and develop a more precise marketing strategy.

High Returns

Google Ads for businesses is a form of investment. It is different from other marketing techniques because the only time to pay is on the number of clicks on ads. Brands only have to prepare a budget based on clicks. In return, a well-optimized Google Ad campaign will generate high returns for the business. In fact, such a business can come up with another campaign that will generate a higher return based on data from the current campaign. Calculating ROIs is made easy with metrics such as cost per click, the number of keywords, and ads.

Delivers Transparent and Better Results

Google Ads delivers an intuitive and flexible marketing system. It provides the utmost level of transparency with certain integrated features. All reports of campaigns are delivered quickly and in real-time so that brands can track progress and develop ways to improve them. The entire campaign analysis is based on the information provided, such as web visitors, cost per click, campaign, and keywords.

Builds a Huge Customer Base

Finally, Google Ads helps build a huge customer base as it dominates 90% of the market and partners with several other platforms, such as YouTube, Google Maps, etc. It has the potential to drive high-quality traffic daily to a business, as long as there is a good budget to handle it. Overall, Google Ads optimizes marketing efforts and ensures advertising goes directly to people interested in a brand's products and services.

How We Manage your SEM Campaigns

Premia TNC is a professional consultant company that functions to provide businesses with customers locally and globally through its numerous services. One such is Google Marketing Solution across different types such as SEM Google Ads Campaign Management, Google Search Ads, and Google Display Ads. This Singapore best Google marketing company offers the following SEM management campaign services to clients’ businesses:

Machine Learning Optimization

At Premia TNC, we have skilled individuals in machine learning technology that will ensure SEM campaigns are managed and well-optimized. We believe good optimization gets us more data and insight into a consumer’s behavior to determine overall performance.

Conversion Tracking

SEM Campaign performance depends on conversions. We track conversions to determine the performance of a brand’s campaign and provide accurate results.

Keywords and Bids Strategy Management

Developing the right keywords and utilizing the best bidding strategy are also major responsibilities of our company. We have a standby team ready to go all into research and develop the best set of keywords for an SEM campaign and use machine learning technology to determine the best bids.


Premia TNC focuses on driving leads and helping brands to reduce cost per acquisition while ensuring the business meets goals and gets good ROI.

Ads Split Testing

Running multiple ads and finding out which performs better through Ads Split Testing is also one of the services Premia TNC offers clients.

100% Transparent Report

For every SEM campaign managed by our company, we ensure to provide 100% transparent reports. We do this to build our client’s confidence in our services and also use the data to develop strategies for better performance in the future.


Google Marketing Solutions are vital for businesses that want success and are interested in driving more customers to their websites. Handling the task alone might be difficult because there are several things to do – track and monitor. However, by outsourcing marketing solutions to Premia TNC, Singapore best google marketing company, things will become a lot better. Our company does the work while a brand focuses on achieving its goals.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads Management

1. What are the Best Practices for Google Ads?

Some brands complain that they have not experienced much from using Google Ads. It is only possible if such a business hasn’t utilized the best practices for this marketing solution. Those they are using may be affecting an ad’s visibility, thus generating low leads and consumers.

To get good engagements and well-performing Google Ads, brands must consider the following:

  • Follow a Pay-Per-Click Template

Getting a Pay-Per-Click planning template is one significant thing to do. It helps businesses keep track of all their Google Ads activities. It does so with proper organization. It even allows brands to get an insight into how their ads are displayed online, with important parameters such as character counts, meta description, meta title, etc.

This template ensures proper management if a company runs more than one campaign.

  • Use Relevant Keywords Only

One common mistake that brands make is using keywords as much as possible. The whole point of running Google ads is developing precise keywords that will be targeted at the right audience. Using irrelevant or broad keywords doesn’t help; the ad will likely get to the wrong people.

  • Be Precise About Ads

Brands shouldn’t run ads because they simply want to. They must be precise about it. They need to understand a searcher’s mind and develop something to solve their problem rather than create new ones. The joy of every searcher is to find the precise information they are looking for – regardless of whether it is an ad or a searched page.

  • Reach a Higher Quality Score

Quality Score is an important metric to determine ad ranking on SERP. The higher the score, the better the ad placement. So, improving the Quality Score might be a perfect solution for a business not getting good engagements. Google notifies brands about their score and offers them ways to improve.

  • Improve Ad Landing Page

The landing page is also a vital factor to consider. It powers up the efforts of the ad. A website with a good landing page will likely receive more visitors than one without. It is a smart strategy for converting visitors to leads. Therefore, if the landing page needs a bit of optimization, it should be done to improve the efficiency of Google Ads.

2. What is Ad Retargeting to a Business?

While using Google Ads, businesses may also consider Ad Retargeting. It is a concept that a brand. Businesses create retargeting campaigns to further build up these consumers’ interests by leveraging data from web searches or web activity.

Ad Retargeting gets more engagement than new Google Ads to a new audience. The reason is that it solely utilizes pre-existing data instead of a new one.

3. Do Brands Really Need a Google Marketing Solution Company?

Brands may consider a Google marketing solution company if they lack the resources, skills, or labor to do the work. Sometimes, outsourcing a task like running Google ads may be the best thing a brand needs. A reliable marketing company knows what to do if the brand communicates its goals and vision.