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7 Useful Tips For PPC Performance Improvement

how to improve ppc performance

Digital Marketing has become the norm with many businesses, and B2B marketers have taken advantage of that. Today, several businesses leverage paid search marketing for direct sales, the most popular being Paid-Per-Click campaigns. However, while this technological advancement looks rewarding, some companies have trouble meeting their audiences, generating great leads, and improving sales. This leads us to discuss how to optimize PPC to work for various businesses. 

What is PPC Optimization, and Why need it?

PPC optimization focuses on improving a pre-existing PPC ad campaign, ensuring structural changes to specific factors, such as ad groups, ad copy, campaign setting, landing page, keywords, etc. The previous campaign requires thorough analysis to discover what is wrong and improve such areas to increase performance, visibility, and online search results.

7 Effective Tips to Improve PPC Performance for Your Business

PPC Optimization helps businesses improve campaign performance, generating a good digital presence, high-quality leads, and great profits. Without further ado, below are 7 useful tips to improve PPC campaigns. 

1. Use The Right Keywords

One of the most consequential things you want to do to improve your PPC ad campaign is to use the right keywords – search queries on products or services. You must create a list of high-performing keywords related to your business while considering factors such as conversion, conversion value, impressions, and clicks. In the process, you might also want to consider building out a list of negative keywords – you want to know what would and would not be relevant to your audience on search engines. Furthermore, if you’ve noticed some underperforming keywords, you should consider removing them so they don’t affect the overall campaign performance.

More importantly, you should monitor your search volume and build on this date to determine high-performing keywords. 

2. Utilize the Power of Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting is important when creating a campaign because it helps improve online visibility. You want to be able to locate your target audience at a particular place at the right time. To improve ad performance, you must specify the demographics, such as age, occupation, gender, and location. You can do this for multiple campaigns while ensuring they target single or different locations. The more specific reach the PPC ad covers, the better it is. 

3. Try a New Ad Copy

Sometimes what your PPC campaign needs is a new ad copy. You should consider getting creative and doing better than before. You need to put yourself in the position of the audience – find something new that interests them and leverage that. It could be using their pain points to create a headline and description for the audience to click the ad. Not just for search ads, responsive ads are also great when trying out a new copy. 

4. Build a Quality Landing Page

Businesses heavily invested in paid search marketing understand the importance of a landing page. Building a high-quality ad-specific landing page is an effective way to optimize PPC. This page needs good graphics, precise information, easy navigation, and fast speed. Also, to improve ad performance, you should avoid directing guests to your website homepage or a general page for campaign ads – create a dedicated landing page. 

5. Improve PPC Strategy

To have a good PPC quality score, you must be ready to eliminate every obstacle resulting in low PPC performance. A helpful way of achieving that is by improving PPC strategy after research on competitors. Using paid search marketing means trying to do better than your rivals; however, you can find out what they are doing that makes them successful. If you could learn from the advantages from your competitors, you would be able to develop a personal strategy to deliver quality results. 

6. Go for Manual Bidding

The bidding strategy is also useful for optimizing PPC performance. Most successful businesses choose manual bidding over automated bidding because of the degree of freedom. You can monitor campaigns and increase or decrease bids, depending on the situation. However, you must know that bid optimization varies from one business to another, so you might want to consider tools like Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Impression (CPI), and Cost per Acquisition (CPA) calculators.

7. Optimize The Click-Through Rate

Optimizing the click-through rate is an effective strategy for improving PPC campaign performance. This strategy works perfectly with Google Ads, so incorporating it into businesses shouldn’t be difficult. You can enhancing the click-through rate with good ad extensions has benefits and discounts. More so, your audience will likely click the ad with these discounts or promos displayed. 

How Can We Help?

Premia TNC is a brand offering quality corporate marketing solutions to businesses – small or large. We are a Singapore Google marketing company specialized in digital markets, helping organizations efficiently reach local and global audiences.
Our professionality include getting the perfect PPC planning template to monitor ads and providing insight into how the audience receives an ad. We also optimize PPC campaigns after estimating quality scores based on ad quality, landing page design, and keyword strength. We assess bids and ensure that businesses using our services gain high returns. Overall, Premia TNC delivers transparent and high-quality results.


Q1: How Can My PPC Campaign Achieve a High Quality Score?

A: To achieve a High Quality Score for your PPC campaign, there are several key factors to consider as mentioned above. ​​By focusing on these factors and continually optimizing your PPC campaigns, you can increase your chances of achieving a high Quality Score, which can lead to improved ad rankings, lower costs, and better overall campaign performance.

Q2: Is a PPC Ad Campaign Worth It?

A: Ultimately, the worth of a PPC ad campaign depends on your specific business circumstances, goals, and budget. It can be a highly effective strategy for driving targeted traffic and achieving your marketing objectives. However, careful planning, strategic targeting, and continuous optimization are necessary to ensure a successful and worthwhile PPC campaign.

Q3: Does Every Business Need to Optimize PPC Performance?

A: It’s recommended that businesses with digital presence should use PPC ad campaigns to improve their reach. However, not every business needs to optimize PPC performance, as the relevance and effectiveness of PPC advertising can vary depending on factors such as industry, target audience, marketing goals, and available resources.

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