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What are Long Tail Keywords on Google Ads? Why Are They Important?

Investing in paid search marketing for business requires understanding every factor or concept involved. Most successful companies use ad campaigns because they know what it takes to become top-ranked in search results. While some factors exist, one that many seem to underestimate is long-tail keywords. For anyone with a good knowledge of SEO, this shouldn’t be alien, and it is entirely different from regular or short-tail keywords. However, this article discusses what it means and why it is important on Google Ads.

Long-Tail Keywords: What It Means?

Most Long-Tail Keywords are more specific search queries with low volume often used by guests using voice search or about to purchase a product or service online. Usually, they contain more than 4 words put together – longer and specific and are different from regular “head” keywords – for instance, “how to buy a full apron.” Sometimes they are also called lower search volume keywords .

However, while they have a low volume, long-tail keywords are valuable as they contribute largely to aggregate searches.

Why Are Long-Tail Keywords Beneficial?

As aforementioned, a long tail keyword may be a low search volume keyword, but it plays a huge role in increasing online exposure for businesses. Here are 5 reasons why it is important.

1. Improves Ranking

One of many things important to businesses is ensuring that their website becomes top-ranked on the search results. While “head” keywords, landing page quality, ad copy, etc., contribute to ensuring this, the importance of long-tailed keywords cannot be overemphasized. Unlike the former, which are highly competitive and quite complex to ensure good ranking with SEO, long-tailed keywords are straightforward. In fact, it is easier to get a more reliable keyword difficulty report on a long-tail keyword on any free keyword research tool. That way, businesses can adjust or determine what to set as appropriate with guaranteed top ranking.

2. Increases Targeted Traffic

Long tail search terms are targeted keywords because they can potentially increase website traffic. There is a direct relationship between ranking and traffic – a top-ranked page will likely generate great traffic. More so, the specificity of this low search volume keyword is a huge sales point for targeted traffic. For instance, people searching “best $100 furniture for office” will likely decide to purchase because of the easy access to this information on search engines. A brand ranking for this keyword might just have the buyer contact them for such a purchase.

3. Budget-Friendly

Brands using Google Ads to promote their business can use this method and spend less on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, as long tail keywords usually have less competition compared to short, generic keywords. Usually, PPC depends on high-volume keywords and many times, conversion isn’t always great. But fortunately, with this alternative, companies can reach a more targeted audience, get an improved conversion rate, and a lower cost per click (CPC). The only factor to consider is to come up with several excellent long tail keyword ideas to match up a single broad keyword.

4. Keeps an Open Option  

When finding long tail keywords for business, brands need to view from an audience’s standpoint and keep options open. Usually, most people enter longer phrases into an online shopping search box. The reason is that they want to find such an item or service easily without going through a list of suggestions. For instance, searching “bags” online only brings up hundreds of suggestions from different brands. However, searching “Nike bags for kids” is more specific and gives them what they need to see and other options around that. In short, it saves time and stress for customers.

5. Minimal Competition

As mentioned earlier, long tail search queries are important to businesses to reduce budget and competition. The idea is to create a list of longer, highly specific keywords that will improve ad ranking with minimum pay, and such a business will do better than others.

5 Ways to Find Google Ads’ Long-Tail Keywords

Below are 5 ways to find long tail keywords on Google Ads.

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner

One of the best Google Ads tools for finding long-tail keywords is the Keyword Planner. It was originally designed for PPC ad campaigns but also to generate useful long-tail search queries and volume.

  • Topic Research Tool

The Topic Research Tool is effective in finding topics based on keywords. These topics mostly come up as questions that are excellent long-tail keywords to use. This tool has other features that can be used to find the final perfect keywords.

  • Keyword Gap Analysis

Keyword Gap Analysis is also a highly exceptional tool for long-tail keywords. It has a unique algorithm, such that it finds search terms unused by competitors to ensure ranking. It is the perfect tool to leverage when considering the competition.

  • Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword Magic Tool is a popular long-tail keyword-generating tool. It can generate highly-performing search queries in a few seconds.

  • Forum Sites

Forum sites are also listed on popular platforms to find long-tail keywords.

How Can We Help? 

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How to Use Long Tail Keywords Perfectly?

Once you’ve identified long tail keywords, thinking about how to use them becomes the next part. Some popular keyword tools are useful to generate search terms based on the business. You can use it in titles and headings, generating high quality contents.

Do All Businesses Need to Use Long Tail Keywords?

Not every business has to use long tail keywords. However, an online brand must consider this strategy to reach more audience and increase sales. Besides reducing advertising costs, long tail keywords provide customers with a seamless online experience.

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