5 Simple Tips On How To Generate More Leads From Your Website

how to generate more leads from your website

Do you want to build an effective website for your business? Optimizing your website to support lead generation and increase your conversion rate is a highly challenging task, especially for new business owners with no prior experience. Read our helpful guide to find out some of the best tips on how to generate more leads from your website.

Tip 1: Use More CTAs (Call To Action)

A Call To Action (CTA) is one of the most effective ways of how to generate more leads from your website. CTAs include eye-catching buttons and banners on your websites, with snappy phrases like “Call Us Today”, “Buy Now”, “Try For Free” and more. As the name suggests, the purpose of these CTAs is to encourage users to take action. You can optimize your CTAs by using more action-driven word choices and contrasting colour choices to grab the attention of the users on your website.

There are 2 main types of CTAs: Visitor CTA and Lead CTA. A Visitor Call To Action is made to appeal to more general users, with the main purpose of providing more information about your products or services. Meanwhile, a Lead Call To Action is more direct about the main actions you want users to take when they are visiting your website. Here are some examples of action-driven phrases that can be used for the 2 types of CTAs:

Visitor CTAs

  • Read Our Guide
  • Download A Report
  • Sign Up For Our Webinar

Lead CTAs

  • Schedule A Consultation
  • Book A Slot
  • Contact Us Now

Tip 2: Add Lead Forms

Another great tip for how to generate more leads from your website is to add lead forms to the pages on your website that have the highest traffic.

A lead generation form is a form on your website that is meant for collecting the contact information of your potential customers in order to reach out more directly to them. The most common types of lead forms are contact forms, registration forms and newsletter signup forms.

Conduct an audit on your website traffic to find out which webpages of yours have the most potential to generate leads for your business. Here are some common lead generators where you are likely to find high visitor traffic:

  • Blog posts – posting original content is an excellent method of how to generate more leads from your website, especially if you choose high-performing, competitive keywords to attract more traffic to your posts
  • Social media – if you are actively posting on social media to grow your online presence, your business likely has an existing audience on those platforms, already familiar with your content.

After you have ascertained which pages have the highest traffic, you can focus on optimizing their content to make it relevant and useful for your visitors, in order to encourage them to engage further with your website. The purpose of doing so is to provide some sort of value to your users before trying to ask for their contact information through lead forms.

Tip 3: Create Topic Clusters

Topic clusters are another great method of how to generate more leads from your website. A group of content assets on a website that are related to a certain topic linked into clusters around a pillar page to create an ecosystem to boost website lead generation. Topic clusters allow users to explore a broader topic in great detail, encouraging them to spend more time on your website.

You can create new content or repurpose existing content into topic clusters to support your lead generation. Using specific keywords, you are able to provide useful and detailed information about key topics relating to your products, services or industry which are covered in your pillar pages.

Here are some common forms of topic cluster content:

  • Guides
  • Case studies
  • Infographic
  • Videos
  • Webinars

Tip 4: Add Internal Links

The next tip for how to generate more leads from your website is to add more internal links on your webpages. The purpose of adding internal links is to encourage users to spend more time navigating your site by linking them to other pages related to a specific topic or area of interest.

For instance, if you are preparing a blog post, include internal links within your content to direct visitors to other pillar pages in your website. Whether your webpage is relevant and useful to your potential customers is the most important thing to consider when adding an internal link to your content.

Tip 5: Optimize Landing Pages

Lastly, a good tip for how to generate more leads from your website is to optimize your landing pages. Landing pages are dedicated webpages on your website for supporting the specific services, products, campaigns and promotions your business offers.
You can optimize your landing pages by using targeted copywriting to encourage visitors to take the desired actions. While the regular pages on your website may serve to provide more information about your products, services and business to interested customers, the landing page directly pushes users for more conversions to sales.
Here are some ways you can optimize your landing pages to be more effective in how to generate more leads from your website:

  1. Compelling copywriting: the content on your landing page should highlight the value of your business and promote your lead forms more directly
  2. Static page: The main purpose of your landing page is to push for conversions so you don’t want to direct users away with internal links or other distractions.
  3. More CTAs: The call to action is even more important on your landing page than the regular pages of your website. Make sure to use action-driven words that are clear and direct in pushing visitors to the desired action you want them to take.
  4. Lead forms: Arguably the most important part of optimizing your landing page. Ensure your lead form is visible and easy to find by placing it right at the start of your landing page so it’s the first thing visitors see.

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