3+ Awesome Advantages of Google Ads for Small Business


advantages of google ads for small business

What are the advantages of Google Ads for small business? Advertising on Google is one sure way to grow your business and is a crucial aspect of marketing. In the olden days, you had to expend energy and effort to create awareness for your product or service, and it was often difficult to do so across borders.

As such, advertising efforts were quite limited in scope.

Today, technological advances have made it possible to scale businesses to previously unimaginable levels without relying too much on traditional forms.

As the world’s number one search engine, Google’s global digital reach is rivaled by few, if any, other platforms. Its Google Ads online advertising platform allows business owners and other advertisers to display ads, product lists, videos, and service offerings to users.

In this article, we’ll take a cursory look at how the platform works and the advantages of google ads for small business.

Advantages of Google Ads for Small Business

Google Ads are those pieces of published results tagged as “Ad” in the Google SERP (search engine results page). This is the page that Google’s search engine returns after you enter a search query.

In addition to the normal (or organic) search results, Google SERPs also allow businesses to bid on keywords to show ads in Google search results by Google’s pay-per-click advertising solution .

As a business owner, you can use the Google Ads platform to create awareness and highlight your website or important web pages on Google search sites and Google search partners sites.

Here’s how it works…

You bid on keywords to place your ad in a prominent position that’s as close to the highest-ranked search results as possible- all without compromising the need to cater to users’ search intent.

Note that Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) differs from Google AdSense. The former is for business owners and advertisers seeking to create awareness for their products and services by matching their ads with relevant search queries. On the other hand, Google AdSense is for digital content creators, website owners, and other digital publishers. They create ad space on their website and earn based on different algorithms and factors from Google Ads.

Having analyzed how Google Ads works, it’s time to delve into the heart of the matter and see just how this platform can help your business to scale:

1. Precise Targeting

It’s one thing to have access to a large audience. Out-of-home advertising mediums do this quite well, often helping you create tons of impressions daily, provided you’ve stationed your ad in a high-street district. However, one disadvantage is that you don’t necessarily deliver your ads to those further down the sales funnel.

With Google Ads, you get precise targeting. That is to say that your ads are served to those likely to be warm leads. The reason for this? Keyword targeting.

As a business owner, you can target the keywords with the highest search density in your industry. For instance, if you sell real estate in Singapore, you can target “homes in Singapore” and other related, top-performing keywords in that industry, or peculiar to your brand.

Additionally, you can tweak the ad targeting based on various factors, all attuned to warm traffic, that is, users most likely to be converted into paying customers. Some of these factors include online interests, location, gender, and age.

2. Capacity to leverage user intent

As a business owner, well-planned Google Ads campaigns can help you to increase brand awareness in awesome ways. Today, AI algorithms and machine learning models are deeply incorporated into Google’s search engine. You can optimize your marketing strategy by leveraging these algorithms to capture user intent and deliver the perfect ads.

Your ads will be delivered straight to warm traffic if done well and integrated with search engine optimization techniques. All you have to do is take advantage of Google’s user search intent data.

For instance, you can use Google Ads to better target audiences searching for the services or products your business offers. This way, you can get more quality leads and scale your business even more.

3. Flexibility

Google Ads is a highly flexible online platform, giving it a high degree of suitability for just about any organization, business model, or marketing strategy. It’s also compatible with several other software systems and digital marketing platforms.

In addition, you can customize your advertising campaigns, focusing on different categories of users. Asides from targeting by device type and location, you can also narrow down your search per the precise platform they’re on, such as Google’s Search Engine, Maps, and YouTube.

Flexibility also extends to budgeting for certain aspects of your marketing campaign. For instance, you can set budget limits on clicks for your chosen keywords.

4. Learn more about your market

Understanding what your potential customers want is one of the first steps to scaling your business, and Google Ads can greatly help with this.

Google Ads provides data on your customers’ location, devices, time of the search, and keywords used to locate your website.

This data is crucial to help you improve your services and products and tweak your marketing strategy to save costs by not wasting funds on largely cold traffic that will never convert.

Advantages of Google Ads for Small Business – How Can We Help?

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