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Boasting years of accounting experience and intricate knowledge of Singapore tax laws, our company provides our clients with detailed and professional accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, and taxation services.

Accountancy Services in Singapore

Maintaining tax compliance through quality bookkeeping services is extremely important in Singapore. It is the company director’s responsibility to maintain proper accounting records.

By outsourcing your accounting to an experienced service provider, your business or organisation will be able to reduce its overhead costs and have peace of mind knowing that relevant accounting records are being maintained by a qualified professional. Maintaining proper documentation is also in line with the government’s requirements.

Here at Premia TNC, we offer much more than just simple accountancy services in Singapore.

Pros of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore

  • Reduction of overhead costs
  • Peace of mind to focus on core business’s profit centre
  • Avoid time wastage and costs of hiring, as well as risk of incompetent staff
  • Increase in accountability of financial status and assurance of professional advice
  • Increase of control and reduction of fraud when handled by a third party as opposed to accounting data being handled by in-house staff
  • Maintain confidentiality of financial information such as payroll data

Provision of Bookkeeping, Accounting, Taxation and Audit of Financial Statements

  • Full sets of accounting services on a monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual basis
  • Audited or Unaudited financial statements in XBRL format
  • Issuing of sales invoices, purchase orders, debit and credit notes
  • Review of staff expense claims in compliance with company policies
  • GST tax computation and e-filing of quarterly returns

Rapid changes in the complex business world mean new and increasingly complex risks. As part of our audit process, our auditing arm, Premia TNC helps you to make sense of your business and financial risks and recommend the best ways to address and mitigate them.

Risk-Based Audit

Our risk-based audit approach focuses on business drivers, the associated risks and potential effects on the financial statements.

Identify Improvements

Premia TNC assists you in identifying areas for improvement in your internal control system and recommends the next steps for you to improve your processes.

Credible & Trusted

Premia TNC lends credibility to your company’s financial statements for statutory filing in Singapore and reporting to your head office for group consolidation.

Other Attestation Work

At your request, Premia TNC can also perform independent verification of financial and non-financial data, so you can decide based on credible information.

Accelerate Your Business Growth With Premia TNC

Premia TNC provides a suite of accounting and compliance services to help businesses better focus on growing their core business.

Singapore accounting and auditing


Businesses have critical business objectives to meet and goals to reach. Ideally, businesses should focus most of their time and efforts on their core business activities to reach these goals, not delayed by non-core activities, such as accounting and compliance.


The modern business landscape is filled with uncertainty, complex requirements and regulations. The VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world has created multiple blind spots in strategy, roadmaps, and expansion plans, impeding business progression. Businesses need trusted advice from seasoned experts that they can rely on to make the right, confident decisions.


Complex tasks like compliance filing require careful attention and detail necessary to ensure that businesses are operating on the right side of the law and run efficiently as an entity. However, to the untrained eye, these tasks are time consuming, frustrating and confusing.

Premia TNC (Singapore) PAC is a chartered accounting and professional service firm that provides a suite of accounting and compliance services to help businesses better focus on growing their core business.

With Premia TNC's services, you can:

Focus On Your Customer

Better focus on the value that you are bringing to customers and increase client retention.

Focus On Your Offerings

Work on your products or services to better improve performance, effectiveness, or uniqueness.

Focus On Growing

Fully focus on your key business drivers, such as marketing, sales, or business development.

Leverage Premia TNC's strengths for your business success

Not Just Accountants

We’re innovative business partners, always finding the right solution for your business challenges.

Scale Flexibly

No matter your business size, there’s a solution for you. Premia TNC’s comprehensive services are tailored to match your unique business position.

National Network

Tap on Premia TNC’s network to answer and tackle complex problems across the ever-changing financial landscape.

FAQs for Singapore Accounting and Auditing Services


No, you can do your accounting in-house. However, bookkeeping in-house can be a long, arduous and costly process, and improper procedures can put you at risk for breaking tax regulations and laws. Furthermore, by outsourcing your accounting services, you can save an estimated 40% in costs compared to hiring an employee to take care of it, by avoiding the costs of training and software, among others.


No, you do not need to use accounting and secretarial services from the same firm, but it is typically seen as the best way to run a business. By using a single firm for both of these services, you can improve the efficiency of your company by keeping all your paperwork-related needs under the same roof.

This means that when you (assuming our registered office address service is used) receive important letters from the government, the accounting firm will also receive it and provide advice on the best course of action to take.

This is especially vital when important documents, such as the Business Registration Renewal Demand Note and tax letters relating to Income Tax Returns, are sent.


Costs for bookkeeping services in Singapore vary depending on the size of the business, and the specific services needed. Please reach out to us for more information on our costs.

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