What Are The Company Audit Regulations In Singapore?

Audit Regulations In Singapore

6 minutes Auditing your company’s finances is essential for validating the fairness and accuracy of a business’s financial statements. This is why the audit regulations in Singapore state that every registered company in Singapore must submit financial statements each year.

What New Business Owners Must Know About GST Audit in Singapore

Gst Audit Singapore

6 minutes What GST stands for is the first thing new business owners need to know about the GST audit Singapore companies must carry out. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented in Singapore in April 1994. Since then, the laws have been altered and modified over the years.

What are the Statutory Audit Requirements in Singapore?

Singapore Statutory Audit Requirements

3 minutes If you are thinking of starting a business or incorporating a company in Singapore, you will need to be familiar with the legal requirements. One of them is the Singapore statutory audit requirements.

The Singapore statutory audit applies to almost all companies incorporated in Singapore and yours will likely fall within that bracket.

Singapore Audit Exemption Criteria

Singapore Audit Exemption Criteria

5 minutes Singapore’s initiative to sustain its vibrant commercial landscape and foster the development of more SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises altered the Companies Act in 2015. The change now allows exemption from audit of small firms upon meeting the Singapore audit exemption criteria.  

What Foreign Investors Need to Know about the Singapore Standards on Auditing

What Foreign Investors Need to Know about the Singapore Standards on Auditing

4 minutes As mandated by Singapore’s Companies Act, company audits can only be done by a registered accounting professional who observes the SSA or Singapore Standards on Auditing. Like all countries worldwide, private companies’ financial statements undergo a legal audit annually unless exempted due to the company meeting specific criteria.