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Malaysia Corporate Income Tax

Malaysia’s economy is based on free enterprise, with no restrictions on foreign ownership of a business. The repatriation of profits and the import of capital are freely allowed. Malaysia has a low corporate tax rate ranging from 15% to 24% compared to other leading economies in the world. A company is taxed at scales rates on its chargeable income and capital gains are not taxable.

A company, whether resident or not, is assessable on income accrued in or derived from Malaysia or received in Malaysia from outside Malaysia. A company is considered a resident in Malaysia if the control and management of its affairs are exercised in Malaysia.

Our Services:

  • Registration of Tax File
  • Filing of Tax Estimation (CP204)
  • Preparation of Tax Computation including analysis of accounts and prepare income tax schedules
  • Filing of Tax Return

Malaysia Personal Income Tax

Individuals are liable to pay Individual Tax on income accrued in and derived from Malaysia or received in Malaysia from outside Malaysia. Income remitted to Malaysia by a resident individual is exempted from tax. A non-resident individual will be taxed only on income earned in Malaysia. With the availability of potential tax savings, government incentives and complex tax implications, it is wise to consult tax experts to advise you on the best way to declare your income to enjoy the maximum tax savings you are entitled to.

The rate of tax depends on the individual’s resident status. Generally, an individual who is in Malaysia for at least 182 days in a calendar year is regarded as a tax resident.

A resident individual is taxed on chargeable income after deducting personal reliefs at a graduated rate from 0% to 30% with effect from the year of assessment 2020.

Our services:

  • Registration of Tax File
  • Preparation of individual income tax computation
  • Filing of tax return

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Sales and Services Tax (SST)

Sales tax is a single-stage tax, only imposed at one stage in the supply chain at the import or manufacturers level.

Sales tax is an ad valorem tax and different rates apply based on a group of taxable goods. Sales tax for petroleum is charged on a specific rate which is different from other taxable goods.

Service tax is charged and levied on taxable services provided by any taxable person in Malaysia in the course and furtherance of business.

Currently, goods are taxed between 5% to 10% and services are taxed at 6%.

Malaysia taxation - Our services

  • SST registration/deregistration
  • Preparation of SST report and submission of SST return every 2 months (bi-monthly)

FAQs for Taxation Services in Malaysia

When is the time for Malaysia company do the first tax filing?

When a company begins its business operations, it needs to apply for the registration of tax file. The company is required to file its estimate tax payable within 3 months from the date of commencement of the business, instalments must be paid beginning from the sixth (6) month of the basis period from the commencement of operation. Companies are required to submit a return of income (tax return form) within seven months from the date of closing of accounts.

What is the corporate tax rate in Malaysia?

Resident company with share capital valued at MYR2.5 million or less and their gross income from a source or sources consisting of a business is not more than RM50 million for the relevant YA, are able to enjoy preferential tax rates of 15% on the first MYR 150,000 of income, 17% on the next MYR 450,000 and 24% for anything over that. Whereas for non-resident company is taxed at a flat rate of 24% regardless of their capital structure.