Virtual Office

Virtual Office Service in Malaysia

One of the best ways to save money while operating a business in Malaysia is by registering for a virtual office. The virtual office provides the registered address services and office-related services without incurring the overhead of lease expenses and administrative workers. A wide range of business and communication support is also available which caters to the different needs of the clients.

Here at Premia TNC, we offer virtual offices as well as customized office administration services for your company. Having a virtual office will give you all of the benefits of a traditional office – but at a fraction of the cost.

Key features of a virtual office in Malaysia:

  • The office address is located at an A-grade commercial building, which will help enhance your company’s image
  • Mail receiving service for your company
  • Professional phone answering service by a secretary
  • Access our conference room (with prior booking)

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The Benefit of Virtual Office

The benefit of virtual office is more cost-effective than physical office. It can reduce the business expenses costs of office lease, purchase office equipment, maintenance and upkeep costs, utilities and others. Company can save money and reinvest extra money into business.
Virtual office enable company to expand business without relocate to larger office and pay more expensive rental fee. Company has the opportunity to establish presence in new location in order to test market without incur relocation cost.

Virtual office services enable employees to work remotely and give flexibility to work anywhere. Company can access and attract larger talent pool because it allows to employ the best talent regardless of the place they are located.

Virtual office provides the business support services such as answering call, handling mail and redirecting parcel. Employer can concentrate on performing core business activities which no need to worry general administration time-consuming tasks.

Mailing Management Service

  • Mail and post receipts
  • Prestigious correspondence address

Call Management Service

  • A dedicated phone number
  • Respond to the phone with your company name (and message taking)

Value-Added Options

We also offer the following value-added services for your company:

  • Post Mail Redirecting

Redirect standard letters to an overseas address. Courier fees will be charged at cost with handling fees.

  • Parcel Redirecting

The small size of a parcel like DHL cantons box may be accepted (i.e. 1-2 boxes) with handling & storage charges. Note – please provide the Virtual Office team with the delivery details in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long on average does it take to activate my virtual office?

Activating your virtual office is quick and easy. Once you have confirmed your business is legally registered in Malaysia, you may contact us and we will immediately activate your new virtual office.

Will I ever need to visit the office?

No, you will never need to visit your virtual office, but if you wish to pick up mail or use our conference room, you are welcome to visit the office.