Careers at Premia TNC

Working at Premia TNC allows you to explore the combination/merger of your interests and your professional expertise.
Premia TNC assists Premians in developing personal competence and respects an individual’s work-life balance.
We continue to expand and look forward to hiring more like-minded, skilled individuals across all regions of the world.
Take a chance on being a part of our creative journey, and we will walk alongside you.

Are you willing to come along with us?

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Our culture encourages our workers to have a positive attitude at work, accomplish organisational goals, contribute to the best of their abilities, and collaborate as a team, ultimately defining who we are as a business and the client experience we deliver.

Kelvin Hong

Managing Director, Premia TNC

Working at Premia TNC

Our Culture

At Premia TNC, we ensure employees' happiness first and encourage their self-development. We have a supportive work environment and a learning culture.


We recognise and reward our employees' enthusiasm, and we take responsibility for ensuring their well-being. You can expect flexible working arrangements and family day benefits!

Global Workplace

The global expansion's success provides you with more opportunities to develop a broader range of skills and knowledge.

Our Ideal Candidates


We endeavour to put in our best effort beyond our limits.


We are passionate and will never back down from a challenge.


We have a humility that does not allow our sense of self to be inflated by our abilities.


We are ready to contribute our best for personal growth and customer satisfaction by working toward a objective.

Where We Work

Premia TNC Where we work

Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, and more to come