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Virtual Office Taiwan

In the dynamic world of modern commerce, a Taiwan Virtual Office emerges as a bespoke service meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of companies lacking a physical operational address in the region. Nestled within the bustling confines of the Xinyi commercial area, our Virtual Office extends a spectrum of business-centric amenities, including registered address services that harmoniously align with diverse client requirements.

Our portfolio of business communication packages is structured with an astute financial sensibility allowing enterprises to seamlessly cultivate a localized facade, thereby bolstering their corporate stature and fostering unwavering trust amongst esteemed business affiliates. Unlocking new dimensions, the prospect of renting our elegantly appointed conference rooms synergizes impeccably with the inception of our business communication package, seamlessly translating into tangible, steadfast impressions for your clientele.

Catering with unparalleled precision, our comprehensive suite of services is an embodiment of excellence, meticulously curated to cater to enterprising individuals and nascent corporate entities. Whether you’re an astute entrepreneur embarking on a singular journey or a visionary enterprise striving to broaden horizons, our services cater to a kaleidoscope of corporate growth paradigms.

Embracing the ethos of Premia TNC, we specialize in orchestrating a symphony of personalized office administration services bespoke to your enterprise. With a Taiwan Virtual Office at your disposal, the gateways to a traditional office are unveiled at a fraction of conventional expenses, opening doors to unparalleled advantages.

Service Essence:

  • Elevate your corporate persona with a registered address nestled in the prestigious Xinyi commercial arena, coupled with a seamless flow of mail services.
  • Empower your virtual presence with individualized phone and fax numbers, amplifying communication horizons.
  • Entrust your communication hub to our seasoned professionals, as we entwine the art of phone answering with your company’s essence, thereby heralding sophistication.
  • Seamlessly transfer calls and relay messages, constituting an uninterrupted bridge between you and your stakeholders.
  • Enter the realm of limitless connectivity through our online e-fax system, obliterating the constraints of temporal and spatial boundaries.

Unlocking The Professional Business Communication Package:

  • For the discerning entities devoid of a physical establishment in Taiwan, this package unveils its brilliance, harmonizing seamlessly with your ambitions.
  • Forge corporate connections in the heart of Taipei by harnessing the potential of our conference rooms, a testament to your commitment.
  • Immerse yourself in a swift onboarding process accentuated by a nominal setup cost, a profound catalyst for expedited progress.
  • Tailored to the needs of peripatetic entrepreneurs, this offering caters effortlessly to those who frequently traverse borders sans a dedicated office base.
  • Experience the embrace of professional secretarial services, an elegant veil for entities devoid of a traditional workspace.
  • The Xinyi commercial address bequeaths an aura of sophistication, an emblem that personifies your corporate standing.

Taiwan Virtual Office Package

Package Detail

Monthly Fee


1 month

6 Months

12 Months

Post-Recieving Service

  • Prestigious Correspondence address
  • Receipt of mails and posts


NTD$5,040 (US$164)

NTD$8,400 (US$273)

Mail(Address) & Fax

  • Prestigious Correspondence address
  • Receipt of mails and posts
  • Notification to recipient upon receipt
  • Provide exclusive fax number for use

NTD$1,800 (US$58)

NTD$9,360 (US$304)

NTD$15,600 (US$506)

Comprehensive Package(Address + Fax + Phone)Package (1),(2) included

  • Use of private telephone number
  • Answer call with your company name and massage taking
  • Notify recipient upon receipt of call and message

NTD$3,000 (US$97)

NTD$16,560 (US$537)

NTD$27,600 (US$895)

All-in Package(Address + Fax + Phone + Phone Transfer)Package (1),(2),(3) included

  • Answer your call and redirect it to your designated local phone number during office hour
    (Redirect to overseas phone number will be charged IDD fee at cost)
  • Fax receiving and forwarding at real time

NTD$4,000 (US$130)

NTD$21,600 (US$701)

NTD$36,000 (US$1,168)

Use of Conference Rooms

  • Max 6 people
  • Max 12 people

NTD$700 (US$23) / per hour NTD$900 (US$29) / per hour

NTD$3,500 (US$114) / Whole day NTD$4,500 (US$146) / Whole day


  1. Package deposit NTD$ 4,000 / telephone line installation fee NTD$ 3,000.
  2. The fee does not include the office address registration fee.

Value-Added Options

  • Post Mail Redirecting: NTD$300/case
  • Redirect standard letters to another TW address or overseas address.
  • Courier fee (e.g. DHL, Fedex) will be charged at cost.Parcel Redirecting: NTD$800/NTD$800 (In/Out Handling fee)+Storage Charge
  • Cargo cannot be delivered to our office address. DHL box size for 1-2 cartons may be accepted with handling & storage charge. Exact size and number for delivery should be checked with Virtual Office Team in advance.
  • Call Transfer
  • Free of Call Transfer will be provided to Taiwan Local Number Only. Call Transfer to overseas will be charged at cost.
  • Fax
  • 50 incoming pages with free of charge per month. Over 50 pages will be charged NTD$3 per page

Exploring the Enigma: FAQs Surrounding Taiwan Virtual Office

Defining the Virtual Office: In your quest for a dynamic alternative to the physical office, our virtual office service emerges as a versatile solution.Seamlessly intertwining convenience and affordability, this offering proffers a correspondent address sans the limitations of a brick-and-mortar setup,embodying the essence of modern adaptability.

The Virtual Office Recipient: The virtual office service transcends conventional boundaries, offering an embrace to startups, SMEs and even freelancers. Within its fluid contours, even large enterprises find a temporary haven for communication, especially when extending their roots into uncharted market territories.

Virtual Office Activation Timeframe: Elevating your business presence through our virtual office is a swift and streamlined process. Upon confirming your business registration, a mere liaison with us sets the wheels of activation in motion, culminating in the realization of your new operational hub.

Physical Visits to the Virtual Realm: Within the realms of this virtual tapestry, physical visits to your virtual office are not mandatory. However, should the need arise to retrieve mail or avail our conference facilities, our strategic Xinyi District location assures ease of accessibility, further cementing our commitment to your convenience.

The Premia TNC Communication Address Advantage: Nurtured within the cradle of Taiwan’s commercial gem, the Xinyi District, our communication address transcends geographical confines. It serves as an elegant conduit to present your clientele and business associates with a resplendent impression, laying the foundation for sustained admiration.

Embrace the future with Premia TNC, where your aspirations find their resonance in our intricately woven tapestry of virtual office solutions.

Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

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Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

Get in touch today for a FREE consultation.
No hidden costs, no obligations.

Feel free to drop us an email too!
[email protected]