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Tailored Virtual Office Solutions in Hong Kong

Virtual Office In Hong Kong

Comprehensive Virtual Office Services in Hong Kong

A virtual office is an ideal solution for businesses lacking a physical presence in Hong Kong. Our business center providing registered address services is strategically located in a premium grade commercial structure. We also offer a wide spectrum of business and communication assistance to fulfill our diverse clientele’s needs.

We have curated our business communication packages to be cost-efficient enabling companies to give the impression of a local operation, thereby bolstering corporate prestige and partner confidence. Furthermore, our Hong Kong office’s conference rooms are available for rent in conjunction with our business communication package, further enhancing the authentic and robust impression to your clientele.

Our holistic and professional service is specifically designed for independent contractors and new ventures. It is also adaptable to corporations of varying sizes aiming to expand. Our office, nestled in the vibrant Tsim Sha Tsui’s epicenter is a mere five minute stroll from the East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, making it highly accessible from all Hong Kong’s districts.

Whether you’re a well-established business or an emerging startup leveraging a virtual office service in Hong Kong is an excellent strategy to conserve resources while legally operating a business in Hong Kong.

At Premia TNC, we provide tailor-made office administrative services for your firm. A virtual office offers all the merits and conveniences of a conventional office at a significantly reduced cost. Do not hesitate to reach out to us to discover the services most suited to your needs.

Pivotal Features of a Hong Kong Virtual Office:

  • Our office address is situated in a premium grade commercial structure thereby uplifting your business’s reputation.
  • We offer mail receipt service along with unique phone and fax numbers exclusive to your company.
  • Professional phone response service executed by a secretary.
  • Instant direct call forwarding and message notification.
  • An efficient online e-fax system.
  • Access to our conference room (subject to prior reservation).

Mail Coordination Service

  • Our firm’s address is situated in a top-tier commercial structure, a feature that will bolster your company’s reputation.
  • We offer a mail acceptance service, along with unique phone and fax numbers for your organization.
  • We provide a professional telephone response service executed by a secretary.
  • We ensure prompt direct call redirection and message documentation.
  • We have implemented an efficient online e-fax system.
  • We also provide access to our conference room (subject to prior reservation).

Telephone Supervision Service

  • We offer a unique fax number and phone number dedicated to your business.
  • We answer the phone using your company name and take messages as needed.
  • We manage incoming calls and redirect them to specific local phone numbers during work hours. Please note that redirecting to a foreign phone number will incur IDD charges.
  • Our e-Fax system also comes with an email alert feature.

Our In-depth Service Packages Include:

  1. Postal Acceptance Service
    • Renowned business address along with receipt of mails and posts.

  2. Mail and Fax Service
    • Incorporates Package (1)
    • Provides a reputable business address, accepts mails and parcels with immediate recipient notification upon receipt, and provides a dedicated fax number for your use.

  3. Complete Package (Address + Phone + Fax)
    • Includes Packages (1) and (2) 
    • Offers a private telephone number
    • Answers calls using your company name and takes messages
    • Provides immediate recipient notification upon call and message receipt.
    • Offer a dedicated fax number for your utilization.

  4. All-Inclusive Package (Address, Phone, Phone Transfer, and Fax)
    • Comprises Packages (1), (2), and (3). 
    • We answer your calls and forward them to your specified local phone number during business hours. 
    • Please note, forwarding to an international number will incur standard IDD charges.
    • We also provide real-time fax receipt and forwarding services.

Enhanced Features

In addition to our primary virtual office package, we extend these supplementary services for your enterprise:

Postal Mail Redirection We can reroute standard letters to another Hong Kong or international address. Note that courier costs will be charged at the actual rate plus handling fees.
Small Parcel Redirection We accept small parcels such as DHL canton boxes (1-2 boxes), subject to handling and storage fees. Please share the delivery specifics with our Virtual Office team in advance.
Call Redirection We offer free call redirection to local Hong Kong numbers. Should you require us to redirect calls to an international number, you would only need to take care of any associated roaming charges or fees.

Mail Coordination Service

  • Esteemed business address
  • Handling and receipt of mail and posts

Call Supervision Service

  • Unique fax number
  • Unique phone number
  • Answering calls in your company name (and message taking)
  • Redirecting incoming calls to a specified local phone number during business hours. (Please note, redirecting to an overseas phone number will incur standard IDD charges)
  • Online e-Fax system with email alerts

Common Questions on Virtual Offices in Hong Kong

The activation of your virtual office is a swift and straightforward process. Once your business registration is confirmed, you can reach out to us and we will promptly set up your new office.

There is no obligation for you to visit your virtual office. However, if you ever need to collect mail or use our conference room, our office is strategically located in East TST and can be easily accessed via the MTR.

A virtual office offers communication and address services that help businesses cut down on traditional office expenses while upholding professional standards. Services offered by a virtual office may encompass: Registration Address, Mail receipt with notification Service, Fax receipt service, Call Redirection, and Professional Call Response or Incoming call message notification.

Our team will have your virtual office set up within one day once the payment has been received.

Post Mail Redirection handling fee: HK$ 100/case plus courier cost

Parcel Redirection handling: HK$ 250/HK$ 250 (In/Out Handling fee) plus a Storage Charge of HKD300/day and courier cost.

Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

Get in touch today for a FREE consultation.
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Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

Get in touch today for a FREE consultation.
No hidden costs, no obligations.

Feel free to drop us an email too!
[email protected]