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Our firm, with its rich expertise in accounting and a deep understanding of Singapore’s tax regulations, delivers professional and comprehensive services in accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, and taxation to our clients.

In Singapore, it’s critical to maintain tax compliance through top-notch bookkeeping services. The duty of keeping accurate accounting records falls on the company director’s shoulders.

Outsourcing your accounting to a seasoned service provider like ours allows your business or organisation to cut down on overhead expenses while gaining the confidence that all crucial accounting records are being managed by a proficient professional. Keeping adequate documentation is also in compliance with governmental mandates.

At Premia TNC, our offerings extend beyond just basic accounting services in Singapore.

Benefits of Engaging Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Singapore

  • Lowered overhead expenses
  • Peace of mind enabling focus on the key profit-making areas of the business
  • Prevention of unnecessary time and cost investment in hiring, and avoiding the risk of unskilled staff
  • Enhancement in financial accountability and assurance of expert advice
  • Increased control and minimized risk of fraud when managed by a third party rather than in-house staff handling accounting data
  • Preservation of financial data confidentiality such as payroll details

Offering Services in Bookkeeping, Accounting, Taxation, and Financial Statement Audits

  • Financial statements in XBRL format, both audited and unaudited
  • Comprehensive accounting services offered on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or yearly basis
  • Generation of sales invoices, purchase orders, as well as debit and credit notes
  • Scrutiny of employee expense claims to ensure adherence to company policies
  • Computation of GST tax and quarterly e-filing of returns

The dynamic nature of today’s intricate business environment brings new and more complex risks. As part of our audit procedure, our audit division, PREMIA TNC, provides insight into your financial and business risks, and recommends the most effective strategies for addressing and mitigating these risks.

Risk-Driven Audit:

Our auditing strategy at Premia TNC is driven by an understanding of the key business drivers, associated risks, and potential impacts on financial reports.

Enhancement Suggestions:

We at Premia TNC aid you in recognizing potential enhancements in your internal control structure and provide recommendations to refine your processes.

Trustworthy & Reliable:

Premia TNC adds trustworthiness to your company’s financial statements required for statutory filing in Singapore and for reporting to your parent company for group consolidation.

Additional Verification Work:

Upon your request, Premia TNC is also prepared to carry out impartial verification of financial and non-financial data, enabling you to make decisions based on trustworthy information.

Foster Your Business Expansion With Premia TNC

Premia TNC offers an array of accounting and compliance services to assist businesses in concentrating more on expanding their core operations.

Valuable Time Needed for Lofty Goals

Enterprises have significant business targets to accomplish and milestones to attain. Ideally, enterprises should direct the majority of their resources and efforts towards their fundamental business functions to meet these targets, rather than being delayed by ancillary activities like accounting and compliance.

The Modern Business Landscape Can Slow Your Pace

Today’s business environment is filled with unpredictability, intricate mandates, and rules. The VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) environment has generated multiple blind spots in strategy formulation, roadmaps, and expansion plans, hindering business advancement. Enterprises require reliable counsel from experienced experts they can depend on for making informed, confident decisions.

Detailed Tasks Demand Valuable Time

Intricate tasks such as compliance filing necessitate meticulous attention and detail to ensure that enterprises are operating within the legal boundaries and functioning efficiently. However, these tasks can be time-consuming, exasperating, and puzzling for those untrained in the field.

Premia TNC (Singapore) PAC is a certified accounting and professional services firm that offers a range of accounting and compliance services to assist enterprises in focusing more on expanding their primary business functions.

Leveraging Premia TNC's Services, You Can:

Prioritize Your Customers:

Sharpen your focus on the value you deliver to your clients, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Concentrate on Your Products/Services:

Enhance your product or service portfolio by concentrating on their performance, effectiveness, and distinctiveness.

Prioritize Growth:

Channel your resources fully into your main business drivers, such as marketing, sales, or business development.

Capitalize on Premia TNC's Strengths for Your Business Triumph

More Than Just Accountants:

We serve as inventive business allies, continually discovering the perfect solution to address your business hurdles.

Scalability With Ease:

Regardless of your business scale, we’ve got a solution for you. Premia TNC’s exhaustive services are customized to align with your distinct business stature.

Access to Nationwide Network:

Utilize Premia TNC’s expansive network to answer and address intricate issues across the continually evolving financial landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it’s possible to handle your accounting internally, the process can be lengthy, demanding, and expensive. Inaccurate procedures might expose you to risks of non-compliance with tax regulations and laws. By choosing to outsource your accounting tasks, you could potentially reduce costs by around 40% when compared to the expenses involved in employing a full-time staff member, including costs related to training and software, among other things.

While it’s not a requirement to engage both secretarial and accounting services from the same firm, it’s often viewed as a beneficial strategy for efficient business operations. Consolidating these services under one firm can enhance your company’s efficiency as all your documentation requirements are handled at one place.

Assuming you use our registered office address service, crucial government correspondences will also be received by the accounting firm who can then advise you on the best actions to take. This is particularly critical for important documents such as the Business Registration Renewal Demand Note and tax correspondences linked to Income Tax Returns.

The cost of bookkeeping services in Singapore is not standard; it depends on the size of your business and the specific services required. For detailed pricing, please contact us.

Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

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Premia TNC has the optimal solutions for all your business needs.

Get in touch today for a FREE consultation.
No hidden costs, no obligations.

Feel free to drop us an email too!
[email protected]