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Part of the required things to do after incorporating a business in Hong Kong is to open bank account in Hong Kong. If you’re a foreigner interested in starting a business in Hong Kong and in need of a foreign bank account, you must undergo a verification process before the bank can grant your account opening request. If you’re not acquainted with the procedure, read on to the end to get enlightened on the process of setting up a Hong Kong bank account and other formalities involved.

Can Foreigners Open Bank Accounts in Hong Kong?

As a foreigner, you are eligible to open a bank account in Hong Kong. However, foreign account opening in Hong Kong may be subjected to tighter requirements than those for the locals.

Hong Kong is now one of the most common banking jurisdictions for foreigners due to its reputation with the international business community. A foreigner must be ready to present legal identification documents for verification. By opening a bank account in Hong Kong, you are entitled to card withdrawal, mobile banking and other additional banking services.

Opening a Bank Account In Hong Kong

The most important step in opening a Hong Kong bank account is to search for a bank account type suitable for your needs. You will need a business bank account if you are an investor or a business owner in Hong Kong.

How To Open a Business Account in Hong Kong

A business bank account is a corporate bank account that will be opened under your company’s name. The director or corporate secretary may be charged with the account opening application for a company. You can also work with a corporate firm like Premia TNC to help you with bank account opening in Hong Kong. The key steps involved include the following:

Choosing the bank

The first step to opening a bank account in Hong Kong is to choose which bank to work with from a long list of banks doing business in Hong Kong. There are a lot of banks in Hong Kong that supports all types of business functions. The bank to choose may be based entirely on your preference, and can also be based on the applicable interest rate, services rendered and account fees.

Preparing the documents

All banks in Hong Kong have a required set of documents needed to open an account with them. The type of document required depends on the type of account you are opening. While each bank may adopt different policies when it comes to documentation, the general documents required for business or company account includes:

  • Company documents – this includes Certification of Incorporation, Business Registration Certification and Articles of Association, or equivalent. A resolution from the board of directors to request a bank account may also be required.
  • Proof of business – if you are setting up a business account, the bank might ask you to tender evidence of the business description, reference letter, sale and purchase contract, invoice, packing, bill of lading, etc.
  • Corporate chart – this is a document showing all shareholders, company management structure, and corporate staffs of the company.
  • Identity documents– You will also need a copy of each of any government-issued identity cards or passport of all the directors, shareholders and authorized bank signatories.
  • Proof of residence – evidence of residency of all the directors, shareholders and authorized signatories are also needed. Documents such as utility bills or bank statement containing the residential address in Hong Kong is widely acceptable.

Application and approval

You will be requested to fill out a form and complete the review of KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business). Once you have completed the form registration and submitted the required document, your request will be reviewed and you will be notified if your account has been approved or not.

Possible Obstacles You May Face When Opening A Corporate Bank Account In Hong Kong

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong can be difficult especially for foreigners. This is why you should hire Premia TNC – a corporate firm that can help you overcome the difficulties in opening a business account in Hong Kong. The difficulty in opening a bank account is well attributed to the strict compliance rules imposed by the government to curb criminal activities. This, in turn, leaves the bank asking for thorough and complete verification of anyone trying to open a bank account in Hong Kong.

The usual hurdles faced when opening a bank account in Hong Kong may be examined in the following ways.

  • Compliance issues – There are a number of guidelines and norms that banks need to follow. The regulatory bodies put banks under severe sanctions and punishment when they default to any of these regulations. These strict rules cause banks to make their account opening process a lot more tasking and complicated.
  • Practical difficulties– When opening a bank account, the bank can sometimes require a physical presence. this poses a great threat to getting an account successfully if the candidate is not a resident of Hong Kong
  • Finance – Banks are choosey when it comes to approving bank accounts for customers. Banks in Hong Kong sometimes seek reassurance of the financial capabilities of a company before approving an account. They can even impose a monthly charge on companies if they fail to maintain a particular amount of credit. This proves a challenge for small or medium enterprises.

How Premia TNC Can Help You With Your Bank Account Opening Process

We at Premia TNC can help you jump the hurdles associated with bank account opening in Hong Kong. Premia TNC has more than 19 years of expertise as a business consultant. Many individuals, corporations, and organizations have also benefited from our company incorporation and bank account opening services in Hong Kong.

For additional information and help on corporate bank account opening in Hong Kong, reach out to us for consultations. We are also ready to help with any other company establishment needs in Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions On Corporate Bank Account Opening In Hong Kong

Q: What to consider before choosing a bank in Hong Kong?

A: Before choosing a bank in Hong Kong, You want to ensure that the bank of choice supports your business plan and is well suited for your business goals. Also, consider these:
·      The bank’s track record
·      The bank’s services and facilities
·      Available financial supports
·      The minimum deposit is required, which ranges from HK$5,000 to HK$50,000
·      Internet banking services availability
·      Charges on a monthly basis (if any)

Q: How long does it take to open an account in Hong Kong?

A: It would take several days or weeks before your bank account will be ready. If you are opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong, you will have to wait for a couple of months after completing the application form.