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Company registration in Hong Kong for Foreign Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Located in the middle of Asia, as a gateway to Mainland China, being a Free Trade Port and International Financial Centre with a convenient, simple and low tax system. Hong Kong is an ideal place for people from all over the world to start their businesses.

Well-developing Environment

Hong Kong provided a good environment of multi-investment; and the banking and financial system had been well-developing. There are over 200 authorized institutions, and more than 70 of the world’s top 100 banks have operations in the city.

The Hong Kong company set-up is simple and straightforward. There is no nationality requirement and no need to visit Hong Kong for company setup; registration can be completed through online submission or paper filing.
Hong Kong’s judiciary is renowned for its quality, independence, and respect for the rule of law. Hong Kong’s commercial and property laws are trusted and aligned to global standards, with a strong emphasis on all aspects in IP protection. Investors who are involved in international commercial transactions will find the laws familiar and easy to navigate.

As a result, there are many companies setting up their business in Hong Kong.

Low, Simple & Competitive Tax Regime

The Hong Kong Tax System is simple and the tax rate is low compared with most of the Asian countries. Hong Kong adopts a territorial basis of taxation therefore only business profits, employment income and property rental income arising in or derived from Hong Kong is taxable.

There is no sales tax or VAT, no withholding tax, no estate tax, no capital gains tax, and no tax on dividends or interest from savings. Hong Kong has concluded more than 30 bilateral comprehensive tax treaties recently. 

Hong Kong has an extensive network of tax treaties to prevent double-taxation. More than 40 jurisdictions have concluded comprehensive double taxation agreements with Hong Kong.

Tax Rates

Profit tax is split into two tiers Tier one is a 8.25% tax rate for a first net profit of HK$2 million. Anything over HK$2 million is capped at 16.5%
Salaries tax -– a maximum of 17%. Hong Kong has no capital gains tax, nor any withholding tax on dividends and interest tax. Furthermore, there is no sales tax, VAT or estate tax in Hong Kong.

Free Port in Oversea Trading Business

Hong Kong carries out a free trade policy and does not maintain barriers to trade that make it easier for businesses to operate. No levy of any customs tariff is charged on the import or export goods while the certification system is to facilitate.

Hong Kong has been actively seeking to expand its Free Trade Agreements network in order to secure favourable conditions for Hong Kong’s goods and services to enter Mainland China and international markets.

There are a total 8 cities and organizations signed Free Trade Agreements with Hong Kong cooperating on development in economics, commodity, investment and service. Investors can develop overseas markets through Hong Kong easily.

Efficient Market

Hong Kong appears to be a small city with a high population, while actually one of the most competitive economies in the world. In 2020, Hong Kong ranked the third largest traders after the Mainland of China and Japan in Asia.

Recently, over 60% commodities of Hong Kong imports are technological product., electrical machinery, telecommunications, office machines and automatic data processing machines…. etc. While, the top principal commodities in the values of Hong Kong’s domestic exports in 2020 were miscellaneous manufactured articles.

Because of its highly efficient market, Hong Kong has attracted knowledgeable, experienced and well-connected persons from around the world.

Business registration in Hong Kong is made simple with us.

FAQs Hong Kong Corporate Information


Yes, a non-HK resident can also be appointed as director and shareholder of a Hong Kong company. Please contact us for more details.


No, for the incorporation part, it is not requiring for physical visit, the formation can be done by online registration or paper submission.