For those who may not be familiar, the Sarawak MM2H (SMM2H) refers to the Malaysia My Second Home program specifically administered by the Sarawak state government. Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is a program that allows foreign nationals to live in Malaysia on a long-term basis, and Sarawak, one of the states in Malaysia, has its branch of this program.

In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at everything this program entails and, most importantly, SMM2H requirements.

What does the Sarawak MM2H (SMM2H) program entail? 

The SMM2H program, like the national MM2H program, is designed to attract foreigners who wish to stay in Malaysia for an extended period for as long as possible on a 10-year renewable social visit pass with a visa for multiple entries. Participants in the program can enjoy various benefits, such as the opportunity to stay in Malaysia with their families, own property, and potentially work or engage in business activities within the country if they are approved by the government under certain conditions.

What is the key difference between Sarawak MM2H and MM2H?

One primary difference lies in the privileges granted to SMM2H participants, who are permitted to reside in both Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia, whereas Peninsular MM2H participants are limited to only Peninsular Malaysia.

What are the Sarawak MM2H requirements? 

Successful applicants who meet the SMM2H requirements will be issued ten (10) years of approved visitor passes with a Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) and renewal for a period of five (5) to ten (10) years, subject to the validity of the applicant’s passport.

Primary Sarawak MM2H requirements:

  • The SMM2H program is available to individuals from all countries, except for Israel, Montenegro, and Yugoslavia.
  • To be eligible, applicants must meet certain age criteria, which require them to be at least 30 years old. However, there is no age limit for the spouses of applicants.
  • As per recent updates, individuals aged 30 and above may apply after owning a residential property in Sarawak valued at a minimum of RM600,000, having children under 21 years of age studying in Sarawak with valid student passes, or receiving long-term medical treatment in Sarawak certified by a private or government physician who is registered with the Malaysian Medical Association.
  • Applicants must also demonstrate their financial stability by either providing a monthly income (offshore) or government-approved pension funds of RM10,000.00 for married couples or RM7,000 for single applicants. Alternatively, they can opt to open a fixed deposit account with RM300,000.00 for married couples or RM150,000.00 for single applicants at a bank or financial institution.

As per recent updates, a fixed deposit certificate in Sarawak is mandatory.

Secondary Sarawak MM2H requirements:

  • Approved applicants are prohibited from seeking employment or engaging in any business activities during their stay in Malaysia under this program unless they obtain prior written permission from the State Authority. Additionally, they must refrain from participating in activities that could be deemed sensitive to the local population or pose a threat to the country’s security.
  • Applicants are required to maintain a fixed deposit account with any banking institution in Malaysia. They must also submit a medical report obtained from a public or private hospital in Malaysia as part of the application process.
  • An essential requirement for this program is the sponsorship of the applicant by a Malaysian individual who hails from Sarawak or is a Sarawak Permanent Resident. The sponsor is obliged to sign a Personal Bond, acting as a guarantor for the applicant. It’s important to note that sponsors cannot be affiliated with entities such as Land Authority, Tourism Authority, or Government Hospitals, particularly for Health Tourism purposes. The engagement of agents, intermediaries, or consulting firms is strictly prohibited.
  • As per recent updates, do note that participants aged 50 and above are permitted to engage in employment as part-time lecturers, sleeping partners in companies with a 51% Sarawakian and 49% foreign equity split, or in part-time roles within sectors approved by the Immigration Labour Monitoring Unit (ILMU) of the Sarawak Premier’s Department.

Ways in which foreigners may benefit from the SMM2H program  

Here’s what you can expect from the benefits and perks of the SMM2H program for foreigners:

  • Flexible entry and exit options with no restrictions on travel. The Sarawak MM2H requirements include spending a cumulative total of 90 days per year in Malaysia.
  • Meeting the Sarawak MM2H requirements allows you to bring dependent children under the age of 21 who can receive education in Malaysia. Note that if dependents plan to pursue tertiary education in Malaysia, they must obtain a Student Pass as required by local institutions.
  • Property Ownership: Foreigners under the SMM2H program can purchase residential properties.
  • Tax Advantages: No taxation on pensions and the ability to receive offshore income, including funds transferred into the country.
  • Part-Time Work: Applicants aged 50 and above can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week with permission from the Immigration Department.
  • Business Ownership: SMM2H participants can own and operate a company in Malaysia.
  • Maid Application: Foreigners can apply for a maid, following Immigration Department guidelines.
  • Pet Ownership: SMM2H participants can bring their pets into the country.
  • Dependent Eligibility: Parents can also join them as dependents through renewable visas.

What is the application process for the SMM2H program?

 Step 1: Submission of initial documents

Kindly provide the following documents for initial processing in your Sarawak Malaysia My Second Home (SMM2H) application:

  • Scanned copies of the main biodata (photo) page of each person’s passport (for multiple entries under the SMM2H visa
  • The most recent six (6) months of salary slips or any other income documents (to meet financial requirements)
  • The most recent six (6) months of bank statements demonstrating income deposits (related to salary or pension)
  • The most recent six (6) months of bank statements or any other financial statements indicating liquid funds (evidence of financial stability)

Step 2: Document preparation and verification 

In this phase of your SMM2H application, please assemble the following documents and send them via email for verification.

  • Cover letter from the main applicant
  • Resume or CV of the main applicant
  • Eight (8) colored passport-size photographs for everyone included in the application.
  • Certified copies of all passport pages for all applicants
  • Original or certified copies of the most recent six (6) months of bank statements reflecting income deposits (for financial compliance)
  • Original or certified copies of the most recent six (6) months of pay slips, company letters, pension slips, or any other income statements.
  • Original or certified copies of the most recent six (6) months of bank statements demonstrating liquid funds.
  • Original Criminal Clearance Certificate: Police Certificate from the country of citizenship (for both the main applicant and spouse)

Obtain a medical report, including:

  • Medical check-up report on the RBII form.
  • Full blood tests, covering HIV, Hepatitis A-E, blood glucose, cholesterol level, kidney and liver function, and urine tests.
  • Chest and lung x-ray for tuberculosis.

Please note that all medical tests must be conducted in Sarawak upon arrival.

These steps will facilitate the SMM2H visa process, allowing you to reside in Sarawak, Malaysia, while meeting financial requirements and enjoying benefits like long-term medical care and the ability to live in Malaysia for applicants aged 21 to 50 years.

Step 3: Submit the application and await approval 

The Sarawak government will issue an approval letter within 90 business days (though it may take longer than expected).

Step 4: Approval 

After receiving conditional approval, you must travel to Sarawak within 6 months, with a minimum stay of 1 to 3 days. The visa acquisition involves the following costs:

  • Visa fee (RM500 per year)
  • Security bond (which varies based on the country of origin)
  • Journey Performed Visa Fee (RM500 per person)

Ways we can help with your Sarawak MM2H requirements

Due to the extensive documentation and requirements associated with visa and permit applications in Sarawak, numerous foreign investors choose to delegate this responsibility to a solution provider such as Premia TNC. The nature of visa procedures can consume the valuable time and focus of entrepreneurs and investors. Premia TNC is uniquely equipped to provide effortless and effective visa processing services for potential foreign workers and investors in Sarawak under the SMM2H program, ensuring a smooth process in compliance with the Ministry of Public Security and immigration department regulations. Reach out to us today for a hassle-free experience to meet your Sarawak MM2H requirements, multiple entries visa, establish your fixed deposit account, or meet other financial requirements.

FAQs about Sarawak MM2H Requirements

Q: Is it possible to deposit the fixed amount in a bank in regions other than Sarawak, Malaysia?

A: No, the fixed deposit must exclusively be deposited in a bank within Sarawak.

Q: Are there restrictions on where the children can pursue their education within Malaysia?

A: If the applicant chooses SMM2H on the condition that their children study there, the children are required to study in Sarawak.

Q: Is it possible to make temporary withdrawals from the fixed deposit and subsequently add it back later?

A: No, participants are not authorized to engage in such temporary withdrawals and replenishments.

Q: Are medical examination results conducted outside of Sarawak considered valid?

A: No, only medical examinations conducted in Sarawak will be accepted.