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How To Change Your Registered Office Address In Hong Kong

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registered office address in hong kong

Hong Kong is one of the best places for business owners to start their operations. This jurisdiction has numerous benefits for small businesses. Before your company incorporation process can be completed in Hong Kong, you’ll need to file a registered office address in Hong Kong.

The registered office address is the official address for receiving formal documents from other entities and the government. But what happens if you need to change your business address? How do you do it? This piece will teach you how to change your registered office address in Hong Kong.

Why Is A Registered Office Address Required?

As mentioned earlier, every new business in Hong Kong will be asked to submit a registered office address. But why is this so? All Hong Kong companies are expected to have a registered office address in Hong Kong.

This address represents where you’ll receive government documents and all essential correspondence. When setting up your office address, it has to be a physical address. P.O Boxes are not accepted.

A registered office address must be within the borders of Hong Kong. Documents such as court documents or letters sent by the Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department will be delivered to this office address

Businesses must have the company name and liability status written boldly at their registered office address in Hong Kong. The name and liability status should also be present at other locations. The company name should easily be visible to anyone who visits the address.

Officers from the Companies Registry may visit your registered office address to check if you’ve complied with regulatory requirements.

Requirements For Choosing A New Registered Office Address

Already have a registered office address in Hong Kong but thinking of changing it? When choosing another location as your registered office address, there are a few things to keep in mind. They include:

  • The new address will be a location where all correspondence and notices of the company are submitted.
  • The new address must be a physical location in Hong Kong.
  • The new address must not be a P.O. Box address.

How To Change Your Registered Office Address

You’ll need to inform the authorities if your registered office address in Hong Kong has changed. They’ll send essential correspondence to your new address when you do this.

You’re expected to notify the Business Registration Office about the change in address within a month after it has changed. You must submit a written notification, containing the following information:

  • The company name
  • The company’s registration number that was issued by Hong Kong authorities
  • The old and new registered office address
  • The date of the change

Asides from the notification, you’re expected to fill out the IRC3111A form. You may also have to prevent proof of new address, such as a utility bill and tenancy agreement. The Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department has a one-stop notification service with the e-Registry.

As a result, businesses can request that the Companies Registry inform the Inland Revenue Department about the change in office address that will take place from the date in the e-form NR1. This same one-stop notification process applies to CR eFiling mobile applications.

The Inland Revenue Department will produce a revised Business Registration Certification within a working day after the NR1 form is released.

Change Your Registered Office Address In 3 Simple Steps

To change your registered office address, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. The company should pass a board resolution to approve the change in the registered office address
  2. You must file a notice for the change in business address to the Companies Registry within 14 days after the board resolution. You should also inform the business registration office within a single month.
  3. You’re also expected to do the following:

Necessary Documents For Changing Your Registered Office Address

The process of changing your registered office address is quite simple. However, you’ll need to submit certain documents to the Companies Registry. The following are the documents required during the process of changing your registered office address in Hong Kong:

Director’s Resolution

A document stating that the board of directors has resolved to change the registered office address. All company directors will sign this document.

NR1 Form

This form will be submitted to the Companies Registry and used to notify them about the change in office address.

IRC3111A Form

This form will be used to notify about the change in business address. It’s usually submitted to the Inland Revenue Department.

Bank Forms

Under certain conditions, you may need to inform the bank about the change in your registered office address in Hong Kong. This will prevent them from sending crucial documents, such as bank statements or letters, to your old address.

POS 800 Form

This form should be filled to redirect a mail service. This form is essential to ensure your documents are sent to the old address. This document can be submitted at the post office.

Using A Residential Address As A Registered Office Address

When running a business, the maintenance and setup costs of a physical office in countries like Hong Kong are substantial. This can be a problem for start-ups or offshore businesses.

That’s why many small businesses use residential addresses as their registered office address in Hong Kong.

It’s clear to understand that a registered office address in Hong Kong doesn’t necessarily mean the place where your business conducts its business. You’ll find that some companies will sign up secretarial agents that will provide them with an address to submit at the Companies Registry.

The registered office address in Hong Kong companies must have does not have to be a commercial address. It’s possible to use your residential address as a registered office address in Hong Kong. However, the residential address will have to comply with government regulations.

For instance, the address must not have previously been for commercial use, and there must be full disclosure for this address. You’ll be required to display your company name legibly at the address in question.

If you’re using a rented apartment for your business address, ensure you look through the tenancy agreement to identify if the agreement allows anyone to use it as a registered office address in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, you should be able to receive communication and correspondence at this address. The company records should be kept at the registered office address.

If you use a residential address as your registered office address but decide to keep your company records somewhere else, then you should fill an additional form – Notice of Location of Registers and Company Records.

This form must be submitted directly to the Companies Registry. You’re expected to update the registry every time there is a change in the location of company records or a change in the registered office address in Hong Kong.

To avoid errors and complications, the company recommends that companies should use a commercial address as its registered office address in Hong Kong. A commercial address is the most likely to fulfil all obligatory requirements by the government.

Using A Virtual Office As A Registered Office Address

A virtual office refers to a physical office address that can be used as a registered office address in Hong Kong. The virtual office doesn’t have to be where you conduct your business. Due to the cash constraint of running a company, start-ups and small companies often opt for virtual offices.

The benefits of a virtual office address include flexibility, improved business image, and lesser operational running costs. Several service providers offer virtual offices to start-ups. But only top-rated service providers, like Premia TNC, can offer you reliable services.

Penalties For Failing To Indicate A Change In Registered Office Address

Every company is expected to indicate a change in their office address. Failure to do so would result in penalties against the business.

The Companies Ordinance Section 658, any company without a registered office address in Hong Kong or who fails to inform the Registrar of a change in office address may be subject to a level 5 fine.

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Registered Office Address in Hong Kong – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to download the NR1 Form?

Filling the NR1 form is simple because it has only one page. You’ll not be required to submit any additional documents. The first thing to do is download the form from the Companies Registry website. Navigate to Forms.

Click on Specific forms, then local company and Registered non-Hong Kong company. After this, you’ll see a list of forms that you can choose from. Select ‘Form NR1 Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office.’

2. How to fill the NR1 form?

After downloading the form, you can start filling immediately. You’ll find your company number on the certificate of incorporation. Keep in mind that your company name is case sensitive, and you’re expected to fill in your new company address.

Ensure that you include the effective date of the change. This will be the date when the new registered office address in Hong Kong will become functional. It’s essential that this date is in line with what’s present on the board resolution document.

If you’re not changing your email address, or have never filled one with the authorities, leave its field blank. When you get to item 5, fill in your position in the company and the current date.

The name, address and telephone number of whoever is filling the form should also be added.

3. How to notify the Inland Revenue Department about the change of registered address Hong Kong?

If you wish to notify the Inland Revenue Department about your new registered office address in Hong Kong, you should obtain an IRC3111A form. You’re expected to submit this form within a month of the change.

On this form, you’ll need to fill your business registration number, company name, the address that was changed, and date of address change. Anyone interested in changing the business address alone should tick it as an indication of such interest.

After this, input your current address, and the new registered business address. You can fill this address in English or Chinese. But don’t forget to input the area code.

If you want to change the address for profit tax file, employer’s return of remuneration, and pensions files, tick the appropriate boxes. To complete the process, state your name, your position in the company, personal details, current and sign.