Hong Kong Virtual Office Service

Hong Kong Virtual Office Services

A virtual office provides your company a business address, phone number, call handling, mail forwarding, and access to other office facilities. Our virtual office solution and services in Hong Kong can help you handle anything from mailing management to call management while you focus on scaling your business.

The business communication packages are running at a budgeted rate that enables the company to create an impression of local operation which helps to enhance the corporate status as well as the confidence of the business partners. The conference rooms in Hong Kong Office are also available for rent with the commencement of the business communication package. The use of our conference room can help to create a real and stable impression on your clients.

The Professional and comprehensive service is specially created for self-employed persons and newly set up companies. It is also suitable for different sizes of corporate expansion.

Our office is located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, just 5 minutes to the East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station. It is a very easy location to reach from all districts around Hong Kong

No matter if you are an established business or are a fresh startup, having a virtual office service in Hong Kong is a great way to save money while still legally operating a business in Hong Kong.

Here at Premia TNC, we offer customized office administration services for your company. Having a virtual office gives you all of the benefits and advantages of a traditional office – but at a fraction of the cost.

Feel free to contact us to find out what services are best for you.

Key features of a virtual office in Hong Kong:

  • The office address is located at an A-grade commercial building, which will help enhance your company’s image
  • Providing mail receiving service, unique phone and fax number for your company
  • Professional phone answering service by a secretary
  • Immediate direct call transfer and message reporting
  • An online e-fax system
  • Access our conference room (with prior booking)

Hong Kong Virtual Office Package Details

(1) Post Receiving Service

  • Prestigious Correspondence address
  • Receipt of mails and posts

(2) Mail(Address) & Fax

  • Package (1) included
  • Prestigious correspondence address
  • Receipt of mails and parcels
  • Notification to recipient upon receipt
  • Provide exclusive fax number for use

(3) Comprehensive Package (Address + Phone + Fax)

  • Package (1),(2) included
  • Use of Private Telephone number
  • Answer call with your company name and message taking
  • Notify recipient upon receipt of call and message

(4) All-in Package (Address + Phone + Phone Transfer + Fax)

  • Package (1),(2),(3) included
  • Answer your call and redirect it to your designated local phone number during office hour (Redirect to Overseas Phone number will be charged IDD fee at cost)
  • Fax receiving and forwarding at real time

Value-Added Options

On top of our standard virtual office package, we also offer the following value-added services for your company:

Post Mail Redirecting Redirect standard letters to a different Hong Kong or to an overseas address. Courier fees will be charged at cost with handling fees.
Parcel Redirecting The small size of a parcel like DHL cantons box may be accepted (i.e. 1-2 boxes) with handling & storage charges. Please provide the Virtual Office team with the delivery details in advance.
Call Transfer Free call transfers are provided to local Hong Kong numbers. We can also transfer your call to an overseas number, you will just have to cover any roaming charges or fees.
Mailing Service Hong Kong

Mailing Management Service

  • Prestigious correspondence address
  • Receipt of mails and posts

Call Management Service

  • Dedicated fax number
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Respond to the phone with your company name (and message taking)
  • Respond to incoming calls and redirect to designated local phone number during office hours. (Redirecting to an overseas phone number will be charged IDD fee at cost)
  • e-Fax with email notification
Virtual Office in Hong Kong

FAQs about virtual offices in Hong Kong

Activating your virtual office is quick and easy. Once you have confirmed that your business is registered, you can contact us, and we will immediately activate your new office in Hong Kong and have access to our full suite of services.

No, you will never need to visit your virtual office, but if you ever wish to stop by to grab mail or use our conference room, our office is in East TST which is centrally located and easy to access from the MTR.

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