A Detailed Guide On Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) in Hong Kong

Hong Kong employers (local and overseas) are expected to provide their employees with numerous benefits till the expiration of their contracts. Retirement savings is one of the…

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How to Establish a Sole Proprietorship in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government has encouraged small businesses to set up as sole proprietorships since 2009. The government believes that this will increase entrepreneurship and create…

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Hong Kong Work Visa Requirements 

If you're planning to relocate to Hong Kong to study, work or live, you need to understand Hong Kong work visa requirements.  

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Filing Tax Returns in Hong Kong

Tax returns are a fundamental part of working at or running a business in Hong Kong. Everyone who earns money in Hong Kong is expected to file tax returns. Filing Tax returns in…

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Offshore Income Hong Kong: All You Need to Know

Hong Kong is a great business location that can give your business a foothold in the Asian Market. It is a prime location for setting up your business as an international company.…

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The “Four W’s and One H” of Starting an Online Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an excellent pick for starting a company because it is a global business leader. Even banking goes with a host of benefits. On top of that, starting an online…

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Guides for Opening a bank account in Hong Kong

Part of the required things to do after incorporating a business in Hong Kong is to open bank account in Hong Kong. If you’re a foreigner interested in starting a business in Hong…

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Why Payroll Outsourcing Hong Kong is a “Must”

For Hong Kong companies thinking of the most pleasing way to boost efficiency, the solution is simple: Go for Payroll Outsourcing Hong Kong! After all, it would be wise to…

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The Complete Guide To Deregistering A Hong Kong Company

Company deregistration in Hong Kong is the cancellation of a company's founding registration. This implies that the business will cease to be registered or considered a legal…

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