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Work Permit Services
Work Permit Services

Defining work permit in Vietnam

In the context of employment in Vietnam, a work permit stands as a significant legal document authorizing individuals from foreign nations to engage in labor activities within the country. This official permit is pivotal for ensuring compliance with Vietnam’s regulations and labor laws, accommodating foreign workers, and contributing to the local workforce.

A work permit serves as a comprehensive record that delineates essential particulars about the foreign worker, meticulously outlining their personal details, including qualifications, experience, and position. Additionally, it unequivocally specifies the enterprise or organization where the foreign worker is employed, providing a detailed account of the working environment and ensuring conformity with the established employment framework and regulations set forth by the Vietnamese government.

Application process and timeline for a work permit in Vietnam

The work permit facilitates the employment and engagement of foreign workers in profit-yielding business activities within Vietnam. In certain cases, foreign investors owning companies in Vietnam might be exempt from work permit applications. The maximum duration of the work permit is 2 years, the work permit is renewable, and the application process usually takes an estimated 20 working days to complete.

Individuals who require a work permit in Vietnam

Individuals from other countries seeking lawful employment in Vietnam are required to undergo the process of applying for a work permit, an essential legal document enabling them to engage in work activities within the country while ensuring compliance with Vietnamese labor laws and regulations.

This is also applicable for the owner or capital contributor of a limited liability company or the chairman or member of the board of directors of a joint-stock company with an amount of capital contributed of VND 3 billion or more. Corporate internal assignment within 11 service industries in Vietnam’s services commitment in the WTO entering Vietnam to work as a manager, executive director, expert, or technical worker on the condition that the working period is less than 30 days and with a maximum visit of 3 times in a year. Other cases are allowed as prescribed by law.

Stages of the application process for a work permit in Vietnam

Navigating the work permit application process can often be a time-consuming and cumbersome endeavor. Yet, with our adept planning and document preparation assistance, the process becomes notably more efficient and successful. The process encompasses four crucial stages:

Pre-approval from authorities: Acquiring written pre-approval from the Labor Authority prior to engaging foreign workers in Vietnam.

Document preparation: Compiling and organizing the necessary documentation, including translations, ready for submission.

Lodgement: Engaging in discussions followed by the formal submission of the work permit application and the requisite documents to the Provincial Labor Authority.

Collection of work permit: Retrieving the approved work permit from the Labor Authority upon successful completion of the process.

The documentation required for a work permit in Vietnam

Here are the essential documents necessary for the submission of a work permit application in Vietnam, enabling individuals to legally work within the country’s regulatory framework:

  1. Health certificate
  2. Criminal records issued by Vietnam or foreign agencies; criminal records shall be issued no later than 6 months from the date of submission of the application.
  3. Documents proving that they are managers, executives, experts, technical workers, and some professions as prescribed by law. (Depending on the position, the documents the employee must provide are different)
  4. A notarized passport or a copy of the passport certified by the employer is valid as prescribed by law.
  5. Authorization letter from the Ministry of Labor or local People’s Committee permitting the company to hire foreign labor (requested at least 15 days before hiring)
  6. Certified copy of the employer’s business registration certificate
  7. Employment agreement (submit to the Ministry of Labor or local People’s Committee within 1 month after issuance of the work permit)
  8. 02 color photos (size 4cmX6cm, white background) photos taken not older than 6 months from the date of submission

Requirements to meet for a work permit in Vietnam

The following documents are required for submission. Please note that incomplete documents can potentially cause a delay in the application process.

  1. Application for working in Vietnam
  2. Criminal record from the applicant’s home country; additionally, foreigners residing in Vietnam for over six months must provide a criminal record from the local Department of Justice in Vietnam.
  3. Medical certificate affirming the applicant’s good health.
  4. Certified copies of professional skill certificates (e.g., bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degrees) granted under the laws of the applicant’s home country.
  5. Notarized copy of the passport.
  6. Letter verifying the foreigner’s work experience in a foreign company.

The validity period for work permit in Vietnam

As outlined in Decree No. 70/2023/ND-CP, a work permit is initially valid for up to two years and is extendable for an additional two years. Should a company wish to retain a foreign worker beyond the extended work permit’s expiration, the same process for obtaining a new work permit must be completed.

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Foreigners employed in Vietnam are typically required to hold a work permit. However, there are exemptions for certain categories of workers as per Vietnamese labor regulations.

Commonly required documents include a health certificate, criminal background checks, certified educational certificates, a passport, and employer-related documents such as business registration certificates and employment agreements.

Initially, a work permit in Vietnam is valid for up to two years and can be extended once for an additional two years. Renewal requires a similar application process.

Foreigners working in Vietnam without a valid work permit may face legal implications and fines. Compliance with Vietnamese labor laws and regulations is essential for lawful employment.

Typically, the work permit processing duration is around 15 to 20 business days from the submission date. However, this time frame can vary based on individual cases and administrative factors.