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Company dissolution service

With our professional legal knowledge and experience, we will strive to provide our clients with one-stop services in company dissolution.

Business failure is something no one wants, however, we cannot avoid the natural decline of an organization. In this case, what you need to do is to ensure all rights and avoid consequences arising from the dissolution of the Company. Liquidation is the only way for businesses in Vietnam to be able to come to the end of their legal existence.

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For Company Dissolution, the investor has to do the procedures to return all licenses, including:


  • Notice on the company dissolution
  • Approval of the Tax Department/Social Insurance
  • Approval for the company dissolution


  • Notice on the investment project dissolution

For Vietnam company dissolution, the investor shall provide the following documents.

  • Enterprise Registration Certificate – ERC
  • Investment Registration Certificate – IRC
  • Confirmation by tax authority that the company has no debt on taxes until the date of having decision on dissolution
  • Confirmation by the Social insurance authority that the company has no debt on social insurance until the date of having decision on dissolution
  • Seal
  • Seal Certificate (if any)
  • List of employees
  • List of creditors and debts (if any)
  • List of remaining assets after the fulfillment of debt obligations

Depending on each company, the authority may require additional documents.

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The company can only be dissolved in one of the following cases:

  • The decision of dissolution is made by the owner, partners, Board of Members, or General Meeting of Shareholders, depending on the structure of the company
  • The operational period in the charter of the company has expired without an extension decision
  • The company is unable to retain the minimum number of members
  • The business registration certificate is annulled

To be dissolved, the company must meet the following requirements to be dissolved:

  • All debts and liabilities of the company can be settled
  • The company is not in any court arbitration or arbitration tribunal

It only takes about 15 days if your company has fulfilled its tax obligations and other financial obligations.