Procedures for Trademark Registration in Vietnam

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When doing business in Vietnam, the issue of intellectual property rights is increasingly concerned by companies, in order to create a shield to protect their products from copyright infringement.

To register intellectual property rights, the Company needs to prepare the necessary legal procedures and documents as below:

1) Required documents:

  • 10 brand samples (dimensions not larger than 8x8cm and not less than 2x2cm);
  • Name and address of the trademark owner (application owner);
  • Power of attorney of the Applicant for Premia TNC (according to the form of Premia TNC)
  • List of products/services intended to be registered under the trademark application.

With the necessary documents mentioned above, Premia TNC will prepare documents and carry out the procedures to file a registration application at the National Office of Intellectual Property according to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Look up the patentability of the mark before filing (optional);
  • Step 2: If the trademark is not protected by other owner according to the search results, we will file an application at the NOIP

2) Timeframe:

Timeframe: The Certificate of Trademark Registration will be issued around 16-24 months from the date of valid filing. But from the date of valid filing, the trademark that the company submitted, which has been protected by the law.

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