Hong Kong Minimum Wage: Essential Guide for New Hong Kong business owners

hong kong minimum wage

Reading Time: 4 minutes Understanding the Hong Kong minimum wage regulations is crucial as it directly impacts your employees’ well-being and ensures your business complies with the law.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the minimum wage landscape and build a successful, law-abiding business in Hong Kong.

Annual Leave in Hong Kong – Everything You Need to Know

Annual Leave in Hong Kong

Reading Time: 3 minutes The annual leave Hong Kong is per the country’s EO or Employment Ordinance. It dictates that all Hong Kong employers provide their employees paid seven-day or more time off, depending on their years of service in the company.

A Guide to Getting a Dependent Visa in Hong Kong

Reading Time: 5 minutes In recent years, Hong Kong has been a top-tier business destination in the world. With its impressive economic statistics, like emerging 4th in ease of starting a business venture, IPO fundraising, business friendly economic policies, simple tax structure, entrepreneur friendly business laws, and free trade policies. Due to all this, more and more people are migrating to this massive Asian business hub. However, like in most other countries, as a foreigner, you must have a solid and legal visa to be able to live and work freely in Hong Kong. There are several types of visas in Hong Kong, and each of them has its specific characteristics. The types of visas are Employment visas, Student visas, Training visas, Quality migrants, and the Dependent Visa Hong Kong.

A Detailed Guide On Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) in Hong Kong

MPF Hong Kong Employers Contribution

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hong Kong employers (local and overseas) are expected to provide their employees with numerous benefits till the expiration of their contracts. Retirement savings is one of the top benefits employees look for when seeking an organization to apply for work. The Hong Kong government mandates this benefit to protect employees. But what exactly is it? This piece will look at MPF Hong Kong Employers Contribution. By learning all the essential details about MPF, users will find out the fund’s requirements and how to avoid falling short of them.

Why Payroll Outsourcing in Hong Kong is a “Must”

Payroll Outsourcing Hong Kong

Reading Time: 6 minutes For Hong Kong companies thinking of the most pleasing way to boost efficiency, the solution is simple: Go for Payroll Outsourcing Hong Kong! After all, it would be wise to consider outsourcing some company services. And for most Hong Kong companies, one area they outsource is the management of their payroll.