Taiwan Virtual Office

Virtual office is a tailor-made service for companies that do not have an operation address in Taiwan. The virtual office which providing the registered address services is located in the Xinyi commercial area. A wide range of business and communication support is also available which caters to the different needs of the clients.

The business communication packages are running at a budgeted rate that enables the company to create an impression of local operation which helps to enhance the corporate status as well as the confidence of the business partners. The conference rooms in Taipei Office are also available for rent with the commencement of the business communication package. The use of our conference room can help to create a real and stable impression to your clients.

The professional and comprehensive service is specially created for self-employed persons and newly setup companies. It is also suitable for different sizes of corporate expansion.

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Here at Premia TNC, we offer customized office administration services for your company. Having a virtual office gives you all of the benefits and advantages of a traditional office – but at a fraction of the cost.

Service content

  • Registered address at the Xinyi commercial area; receiving/ redirecting mails service
  • Individual phone and fax number
  • Phone answering service by a professional secretary in the name of the client’s company
  • Immediate direct call transfer and message reporting
  • Online e-fax system without the restrictions in time and space

Professional Business Communication Package

  • The services are the best suitable for companies that do not hold a real office in Taiwan
  • Clients with this service can also make an appointment to rent the conference rooms located at Taipei which is the capital of Taiwan
  • Simple startup procedure with the least setup cost
  • Especially cater to the needs of Businessmen whose company incorporated in Taiwan and required travels frequently but without office support
  • Provide professional secretarial service for those who do not maintain an office
  • Presentable Xinyi commercial address enhance your corporate image

Taiwan Virtual Office Package

Package Detail Monthly Fee
Term 1 month 6 Months 12 Months
Post-Recieving Service

  • Prestigious Correspondence address
  • Receipt of mails and posts
NTD$5,040 (US$164) NTD$8,400 (US$273)
Mail(Address) & Fax

  • Prestigious Correspondence address
  • Receipt of mails and posts
  • Notification to recipient upon receipt
  • Provide exclusive fax number for use
NTD$1,800 (US$58) NTD$9,360 (US$304) NTD$15,600 (US$506)
Comprehensive Package(Address + Fax + Phone)Package (1),(2) included

  • Use of private telephone number
  • Answer call with your company name and massage taking
  • Notify recipient upon receipt of call and message
NTD$3,000 (US$97) NTD$16,560 (US$537) NTD$27,600 (US$895)
All-in Package(Address + Fax + Phone + Phone Transfer)Package (1),(2),(3) included

  • Answer your call and redirect it to your designated local phone number during office hour
    (Redirect to overseas phone number will be charged IDD fee at cost)
  • Fax receiving and forwarding at real time
NTD$4,000 (US$130) NTD$21,600 (US$701) NTD$36,000 (US$1,168)
Use of Conference Rooms

  • Max 6 people
  • Max 12 people
NTD$700 (US$23) / per hour NTD$900 (US$29) / per hour NTD$3,500 (US$114) / Whole day NTD$4,500 (US$146) / Whole day

Remarks: Package deposit NTD$ 4,000 / telephone line installation fee NTD$ 3,000

Value-Added Options

Address Post Mail Redirecting: NTD$300/case

Redirect standard letters to another TW address or overseas address.

Courier fee (e.g. DHL, Fedex) will be charged at cost.Parcel Redirecting: NTD$800/NTD$800 (In/Out Handling fee)+Storage Charge

Cargo cannot be delivered to our office address. DHL box size for 1-2 cartons may be accepted with handling & storage charge. Exact size and number for delivery should be checked with Virtual Office Team in advance.

Phone Call Transfer

Free of Call Transfer will be provided to Taiwan Local Number Only. Call Transfer to overseas will be charged at cost.


50 incoming pages with free of charge per month. Over 50 pages will be charged NTD$3 per page


Please contact us for more details

FAQs about Taiwan Virtual Office

If you are looking for an alternative of a physical office, you may consider the virtual office service. Our virtual office is a flexible and affordable service that a company can have a correspondent address but without a physical working office in Taiwan. The company can rent this address for receiving phone calls, , fax, mails or letters.

Users mostly like start-ups, SMEs even freelancers will get benefits from the virtual office service. Sometimes large-size companies can also use it as the temporary communication address in a new location if they want to expand their business into a new market or country.

Activating your virtual office is quick and easy. Once you have confirmed that your business is registered, you can contact us and we will immediately activate your new office.

No, you will never need to visit your virtual office, but if you ever wish to stop by to grab the mail or use our conference room, our office is in Xinyi District which is centrally located and simple to access from the MTR.

Premia TNC Taiwan is located in the Xinyi District which is the best commercial area in Taiwan. You can give your customers or business partners a very good impression.