The Ultimate Guide of Tax Refund in Taiwan For Foreign Workers

tax refund in Taiwan for foreign workers

4 minutes Businesses and entrepreneurs around the world are considering moving to Taiwan due to its robust economy. The quick economic reforms in the 70s, which were regarded as the “Taiwan Miracle,” quickly made the region a developed economy. Today, Taiwan ranks 15th in the global ease of doing business charts and ranks as the 8th largest Asian economy and 18th largest in the world. Taiwan is in the advanced economic group and the high-income’s group in the World Bank. With the region’s effort to improve the service-oriented industry and attempts to diversify its trade markets, the environment is even better. Taiwan has a well thought out economic policy system, an indirect tax system, and some quite appealing terms, like the tax refund in Taiwan for foreign workers.

The Complete Guide to Taiwan GUI

The Complete Guide to Taiwan GUI

4 minutes What is a Taiwan GUI (Government Uniform Invoice)? All VAT-registered merchants in Taiwan must apply for the government’s preprinted invoice books. In general, only books printed by the government may be used to send invoices to clients. A corporation must request government pre-approval if it wants to use self-printed invoices. Any authorized self-printed invoice must be assigned a unique serial number.

Taiwan Tax Filling: Everything You Should Know About Taiwan’s Tax Filling

Taiwan Tax Filling

4 minutes If you find yourself reading this post, it’s probably because you want to know more about Taiwan tax filing. Look no further; you’re already in the right place. This post will discuss everything you need to know about tax filing in Taiwan. Taiwan’s lowest individual tax level (5 percent) is one of the lowest globally. However, many expats and businesses in Taiwan may be curious about the Taiwan tax rate.

Wondering How to Do Business in Taiwan as a Foreigner? Here’s how! 

how to do business in taiwan

5 minutes Taiwan exists as an island close to China but is not a part of it. Often, people hear of Taiwan in newscasts, making them remember the product labels bearing its name. For some foreigners, this is enough to make them start thinking about how to do business in Taiwan. 

Tips on How to Open a Bank Account in Taiwan as a Foreigner

open bank account in taiwan

4 minutes Whether you are a citizen, tourist, immigrant, resident, or a foreigner, a Taiwanese bank account is essential to get your financial transactions done on a daily basis. Open bank account in Taiwan involves all the legal documentation and applications to get a working bank account. If you’re a foreigner and would be aspiring to launch a business in Taiwan, read this article to the end to see the steps involved in corporate bank account opening in Taiwan.

Points to Consider Before Starting a Business in Taiwan

open bank account in taiwan

5 minutes Taiwan has evolved to become a perfect business place in Southeast Asia through the years. With a 90% confident rating in a 2021 survey, starting a business in Taiwan indeed looks good! Perhaps, this is because the country offers a list of advantages that include its educated workforce, geographical location, a sturdy legal environment, excellent infrastructure, and a robust IT cluster.

Taiwan Tax System: All About the Taiwan Tax Rate

Taiwan Tax rate

5 minutes Taiwan’s lowest bracket tax rate for individuals (5%) makes it one of the lowest rates in the world.

However, many expatriates and businesses in Taiwan may wonder what Taiwan Tax rate they fall under.

Throughout this guide, we will cover the basics of the Taiwan tax system. Moreover, we will also go over the various tax rates an individual may fall under and how to pay your tax in Taiwan.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Taiwan-Sourced Income to Maximize Returns

Taiwan-sourced Income

4 minutes In today’s interconnected global economy, maximizing returns from diverse income sources is essential, especially when it comes to Taiwan-sourced income. This article serves as your comprehensive guide to unlocking the full potential of your investments in Taiwan. We will look into expert strategies and solutions tailored to help you optimize returns while navigating the dynamic nuances of the Taiwanese market. 

Tax Efficiency: A Deep Dive into the Perks of Taiwan Loss Carry Forward 

taiwan loss carry forward

4 minutes Embark on a journey into tax efficiency with our guide on Taiwan loss carry forward. In this article, we delve into the perks and strategic advantages of this financial tool, offering valuable insights to maximize your tax benefits in Taiwan. Let’s navigate the intricacies together for a smarter approach to tax planning.