Navigating Business Transactions: When to Issue Invoices in Taiwan 

Navigating Business Transactions: When to Issue Invoices in Taiwan 

issue invoice in taiwan

Issue invoices in Taiwan: The rules to abide by

Issuing a special Government Uniform Invoice is mandatory for taxpayers upon supply or, if applicable, upon cash advance, whichever occurs first. 

VAT invoices must contain the following details: 

  • Supplier and customer’s name, including trading name, and address 
  • VAT numbers of both the supplier and customer 
  • Invoice date 
  • Description of taxable supplies, including quantities and weights 
  • Taxable amount, added VAT, and gross amount 
  • For foreign currency invoices, the applied FX rate should be included. 

Issue invoices in Taiwan: When a company needs to issue one

Goods are considered sold when ownership is transferred for compensation, while services involve providing services or offering goods for use in exchange for compensation. Notably, professional services by individuals like lawyers or accountants and salaried employment services are excluded. 

The company is deemed to be selling goods under the following circumstances: 

  1. The company uses goods it manufactured, imported, or purchased for its own purposes or transfers them without compensation. 
  1. Remaining goods, when the company dissolves or ceases operations, are used to settle debts or are distributed to shareholders or investors. 
  1. Goods purchased on behalf of others and delivered to the client constitute a sale. 
  1. The company engages in consignment sales by entrusting others to sell goods. 
  1. Consignment goods sold by the company also fall under the category of selling goods. 

Issue invoices in Taiwan: Furnishing sales invoices

In the trading and manufacturing industries, a company is required to issue a unified invoice at the earlier of goods shipping or when payment is received in advance. For service-oriented businesses agreeing to complete a specified amount of work, the issuance is tied to the receipt of payment. 

In exchange transactions involving goods or services, a unified invoice must be issued at the moment of the exchange. 

For companies issuing coupons: 

  1. Gift coupons, redeemable for specific goods, necessitate the issuance of a unified invoice upon sale. 
  1. Discount coupons, applicable for discounted goods purchases, require a unified invoice at the time of the actual purchase. 

Issue invoices in Taiwan: Are unified invoices required for compensation derived from business activities between companies?

Certainly. In Taiwan, the sale of goods, provision of services, and importation of goods are subject to business tax as per regulations. The taxable sales amount encompasses the entire consideration received by the company for the goods or services, encompassing all associated fees.

Issue invoices in Taiwan: Are there consequences for a company if it fails to issue or under-issues unified invoices?

In the event that a company neglects to issue unified invoices or understates the sales amount on such invoices and is investigated by the tax authority before the statutory reporting deadline, it is obligated to pay taxes calculated at the prescribed rate on the underreported sales.

Additionally, the company may face a fine of up to five times the tax-payable amount. However, the imposed penalty is capped at NT$1 million. If such infractions occur three times within a year, the company may face business suspension.

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Q1: How do I format an invoice in Taiwan?

A1: Include seller and buyer details, a unique invoice number, issuance date, clear item descriptions, total amount with taxes, and currency used.

Q2: What is the VAT rate in Taiwan?

A2: The standard VAT rate is 5%. You need to verify the current rate and clearly indicate the VAT amount separately on the invoice.

Q3. Are electronic invoices accepted in Taiwan?

A3. Yes. Apply for approval, adhere to specific formats and encryption standards, and retain records. Businesses can choose paper or electronic invoices based on preferences and compliance.