How to Get a Taiwan Work Permit

How to Get a Taiwan Work Permit

How to Open Taiwan Work Permit

As a foreigner in Taiwan (Republic of China), you will need to open work permit in Taiwan  to work in the country. If you are moving from a foreign country for work, there are three permits you must have:

  • Taiwan work permit (work authorization)
  • Taiwan work visa (permission to travel to Taiwan for work)
  • Taiwan residence permit (permission to live in Taiwan in the long term), also known as an Alien residence certificate (ARC)

Who can apply for a Taiwan Work Permit?

The workforce development Agency, a division of the Taiwan Ministry of labor has provided a list of people eligible for a Taiwan work permit. According to the list, only foreign professionals in the following fields can be issued a Taiwan work permit:

  • Specialized or technical workers in:
    a) Architecture and Civil Engineering
    b) Transport and Communication Industry
    c) Tax and Financial Services
    d) Real Estate Agents
    e) Immigration
    f) Technicians
    g) Lawyers or Patent Lawyers
    h) Veterinary Medicine
    i) Healthcare
    j) Academic Research
    k) Manufacturing
    l) Wholesale
    m) Sports, culture, and Recreation services
  • Teachers
  • Teachers for cram schools
  • Contract workers (construction, sales, and others)
  • Sports coaches and Athletes
  • Artists and Performing Artists

If you have a job in any of the stated fields, you will also need to earn more than the average salary of the field in question. The average salary will be determined by the central competent authority.

How to Apply for a Taiwan Work Permit

Only an employer can apply for a work permit on behalf of their employee in Taiwan. There are two ways to go about getting a work permit, which are:

  • Visit the websites of either the Workforce Development Agency or the Ministry of labor. You can apply for a work permit online on either website
  • You can also apply for a work permit the old fashioned way, across the counter at either the Ministry of Labor or the Workforce Development Agency

If the work permit is for a school teacher, the work permit application won’t come from the WDA or Ministry of labor. You will obtain one at the Taiwan Ministry of Education, where the work permit will also be issued.

After you have been granted a work permit, then your next course of action will depend on your current location. If you aren’t in Taiwan already, then you will need to apply for a Taiwan Work Visa.  For those who are already in Taiwan or currently hold a visitor visa, you can apply for a Taiwan work permit.

What do you need to get a Taiwan Work Visa?

Before you can get a Taiwan work Visa, you will be required to:

  • Fill out and sign printed copy of the Work Visa Application.
  • Two recent passport photographs are less than six months old. The passport must contain no borders, have a white background, and must be in 35mm by 45mm dimension.
  • Your international passport should be valid for at least six more months and have at least three blank pages (where the work visa will be attached).
  • A recent health certificate was issued in the last three months. The health certificate needs to come from a hospital approved by the Centre for Disease Control of the Taiwan Ministry of health. You can also acquire a health certificate from your native country.
  • A Taiwan work permit with at least six months of validity left.
  • Other documents that your profession will require you to have.

You can visit the website of the appropriate bodies to determine if there are any other documents you can require. You should also note that only documents that are accepted ate those in English or Chinese. If your documents are in a different language, you will need an official translator.

How do you Apply for a Taiwan Work Visa and ARC?

A Taiwan ARC is much like a Taiwan resident and is issued for long stays. You can go about getting a Taiwan work visa and ARC in one of two ways depending on where you are, and they are:

  • If you are outside Taiwan, then you can get a work visa at a Taiwanese diplomatic mission (Embassies and Consulates). Once you arrive in Taiwan, you need to visit National Immigration Agency to apply for ARC.
  • If you are already in Taiwan with a valid visa, then you can get an ARC at the National Immigration Agency.

What is the Validity Period of a Taiwan Work Permit and ARC?

The maximum validity of a Taiwan work permit and ARC can have is three years.


Q: Can you Extend a Taiwan Work Permit?

The work permit cannot be renewed, but you won’t have to leave Taiwan or lose your job when it expires. You can apply for a long-term ARC, which will allow you to reside and work in Taiwan in the long term. An APRC is the most desirable option in this regard and most foreigners opt for this choice, especially when they want to remain for a long time.

Q: What makes an APRC more desirable than a normal work ARC?

The most desirable benefit an APRC offers over an ARC is that it affords you an open work permit, meaning you don’t have to have an employer. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about renewing your ARC regularly. Another benefit that comes with having an APRC is you can declare to be unemployed and receive the appropriate benefits. There are other benefits that an APRC affords and you can read more about it along if you would like to get one.

Q: Are there any negatives to getting an APRC?

While it is highly desirable, there are a few negatives associated with getting an APRC, most notably, the 10,000 NT cost. Another negative is that your APRC can be revoked under certain circumstances, like committing certain crimes.