5+ Steps Of How To Register A Limited Company In Taiwan As An Expat

how to register a company in taiwan

5 minutes Whether you moved to Taiwan for a project or to experience something new with your relatives or friends, you may decide that you want to launch a business there, and as such would require information on how to register a company in Taiwan.

Starting a business in Taiwan will be profitable and enjoyable for expats for a number of reasons, including the fact that expats can own 100% of their business.

Taiwan also boasts a low cost of living, allowing you to concentrate on earning money rather than paying rent.
Even if the benefits are considerable, you first need to discover how to launch your company in Taiwan to start enjoying them.

You might not even need to travel to Taiwan to begin operations if you want to start a business there.
It is now feasible to establish your corporate entity without being present thanks to recent reforms.
In general, hiring an agency or local representative in Taiwan to manage the process on your behalf is a good option.

Wondering How to Do Business in Taiwan as a Foreigner? Here’s how! 

how to do business in taiwan

5 minutes Taiwan exists as an island close to China but is not a part of it. Often, people hear of Taiwan in newscasts, making them remember the product labels bearing its name. For some foreigners, this is enough to make them start thinking about how to do business in Taiwan. 

Points to Consider Before Starting a Business in Taiwan

open bank account in taiwan

5 minutes Taiwan has evolved to become a perfect business place in Southeast Asia through the years. With a 90% confident rating in a 2021 survey, starting a business in Taiwan indeed looks good! Perhaps, this is because the country offers a list of advantages that include its educated workforce, geographical location, a sturdy legal environment, excellent infrastructure, and a robust IT cluster.

How to Get a Taiwan Work Permit

How to Open Taiwan Work Permit

4 minutes As a foreigner in Taiwan (Republic of China), you will need to open work permit taiwan to work in the country. If you are moving from a foreign country for work, there are three permits you must have..