Understanding the Financial Year End Closing in Taiwan

Financial Year End Closing in Taiwan

4 minutes Financial year end closing in Taiwan is the crucial process of summarizing and reporting financial data at the end of the fiscal year, typically in December. It ensures compliance, assesses financial health, and informs future planning. In this article, take a closer look at the financial year end closing in Taiwan and what it entails.

How it Works: Taiwan Preparatory Bank Account Opening

Taiwan Preparatory Bank Account Opening

4 minutes The company preparatory office is one of the necessary processes in the company incorporation process in Taiwan and is quite different with other countries.

The main purpose is for the confirmation of capital injection. When a company is under the incorporation process, the total capital must be firstly determined in the articles of association. Then, it should be fully paid to ensure that the company has stable financial ability so can cover the operation costs and protect the rights of company’s creditors.

Unlocking Taxation Benefits: Withholding Tax on Taiwan Cross-Border Electronic Services 

Taiwan Cross-Border Electronic Services

5 minutes In an era dominated by digitalization, cross-border electronic services have become a cornerstone of international trade and business growth. As the world relies more on digital transactions, it’s really important for international businesses to know how taxes work for online services.

This article will explain on the tax system on Taiwan cross-border electronic services and the reduction of withholding tax. It will help those foreign enterprises earning income from Taiwan buyers via online transactions.

Your Handbook to Doing Business in Taiwan

Doing Business in Taiwan

4 minutes Embarking on the establishment of a company and navigating the realm of business operations in Taiwan might understandably stir up uncertainties for those venturing into entrepreneurship for the first time. However, armed with the right knowledge and a supportive network, these uncertainties need not be cause for undue concern. In the following article, we have assembled a collection of ten essential insights that lie at the heart of initiating a business venture. A solid foundation sets the stage for a promising journey ahead. So, without delay, let us jump right into these key points.

What are the Audit Report Requirement for Taiwan Companies: Expat Guide

audit requirements for taiwan companies

3 minutes When establishing or operating a business in Taiwan as an expatriate, there are numerous legal and financial aspects to consider. One crucial requirement that companies should adhere to is the preparation and submission of audit reports. This guide will discuss the critical elements of audit requirements for Taiwan companies and provide expatriates with a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities and obligations.

Guide On How To Choose The Right Business Entity in Taiwan: Key Factors and Considerations

how to choose the type of business entity in Taiwan

4 minutes Taiwan is a great place to start a business. There are favorable laws and infrastructure in this region to support business growth. Before embarking on entrepreneurship in Taiwan, foreign investors need to decide the type of business entity to setting up a company. There are several types of companies in Taiwan to choose from, and the final choice will determine what to expect in the future. Are you confused about which enterprise to choose? You’re in luck. This piece will discuss how to select the type of business in Taiwan. 

5+ Ways for Applying Taiwan Income Tax Refund: Ultimate Guide for Foreign Companies  

taiwan income tax refund

4 minutes Foreign companies without a fixed place of business or a business agent in Taiwan should be aware of the taxation implications for the services provided both within and outside the territory of Taiwan. According to the Income Tax Act of Taiwan, the service income with its source in Taiwan shall be taxed at the applicable withholding tax rate of 20%. To understand how to apply for Taiwan income tax refund, please read on.  

How To Set Up Representative Office In Taiwan

how to set up representative office in taiwan

4 minutes Taiwan is famous as a hub for different establishments and enterprises. That’s why you’ll find several representative offices in the region. But what is the meaning of a Taiwan representative office? And how is it created? Keep reading to learn more. This piece will reveal crucial details about this organization, including how to set up representative office in Taiwan.