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Singapore – Revolutionize Your AI Experience: Discover Google Bard’s Latest Upgrade with Gemini!

Singapore – Revolutionize Your AI Experience

Revolutionize Your AI Experience: Discover Google Bard's Latest Upgrade with Gemini!

Google’s most powerful model, Gemini, with its complex multimodal reasoning capabilities, was unveiled recently. Gemini is a flexible design that can run on a variety of devices, from data centers to mobile phones It is optimized for three various sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. 

Gemini is being rolled out to Bard in two stages. Firstly, Bard will employ a specially tuned English version of Gemini Pro for more sophisticated planning, reasoning, understanding, and more. Additionally, in early 2024, Google will launch Bard Advanced, which grants you early access to our most sophisticated models and functionalities, beginning with Gemini Ultra. 

Before making Gemini Pro available to the public, Google put it through several industry-standard standards. Gemini Pro performed better than GPT-3.5 in six of the eight benchmarks, including GSM8K, which measures grade school math reasoning, and MMLU (Massive Multitask Language Understanding), one of the key leading standards for evaluating large AI models. 

Google has specifically tuned Gemini Pro in Bard to be significantly more proficient in areas like understanding, summarizing, reasoning, coding, and planning. And the outcomes are fantastic: Bard is now the most preferred free chatbot compared to other alternatives, according to blind assessments conducted by the third-party raters. 

For text-based prompts, Bard can be tried out with Gemini Pro today; support for other modalities will be added soon. It will initially be accessible in English in more than 170 countries and territories, and it will expand to more languages and regions, including Europe in the future. 

Google plans to launch Gemini Ultra, a new AI experience within Bard, in early 2024 through Bard Advanced. Gemini Ultra is designed for highly complex tasks and can process various types of information, including text, images, audio, video, and code.