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Vietnam – Binh Duong is about to have a Dialogue with FDI Enterprises in 4 Markets

Binh Duong is about to have a Dialogue with FDI Enterprises in 4 Markets

The People’s Committee of Binh Duong province has just agreed with the Plan to organize the Foreign Direct Investment Dialogue Conference (FDI) in 2024. 

According to the agreed plan, in 2024, Binh Duong will dialogue with branches and businesses in 4 markets including: Japan, China (Taiwan), Korea and the English-speaking business community. 

The purpose of the dialogue conference is to listen to opinions and suggestions from representatives of businesses and business associations so that Binh Duong province can promptly remove difficulties and obstacles and create the best support conditions for operation of production and business of FDI enterprises. 

At the same time, continue to promote activities to attract foreign direct investment into Binh Duong in the new period. 

It is expected that in June 2024, a dialogue conference with Japanese businesses will be held; In July 2024, a dialogue conference with Chinese (Taiwan) businesses will be organized. 

By August 2024, a dialogue conference will be held with businesses from English-speaking countries; In September 2024, a dialogue conference with Korean businesses will be held. 

As of early 2024, China ranked first among 65 countries and territories investing in Binh Duong province with 1,666 projects, total investment capital of 10.4 billion USD; Japan ranked 2nd with 5.9 billion USD; Korea ranked 5th with 3.4 billion USD. 

Mr. Mai Hung Dung, Vice Chairman of Binh Duong Provincial People’s Committee, said that in recent years, FDI capital in Binh Duong has continuously increased because the province has created a favorable investment environment and the infrastructure is increasingly perfect and high-quality. Human resources have been clearly improved. 

Every year, Binh Duong organizes dialogues with FDI enterprises to overcome difficulties. In addition to general dialogues, the province also organizes separate dialogues with businesses from a number of countries with large investment capital in the province to increase opportunities to attract investment.