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Singapore – 3 Key Highlights from NVIDIA’s COMPUTEX 2024 Keynote

3 Key Highlights from NVIDIA's COMPUTEX 2024 Keynote

NVIDIA showcased several significant advancements at the COMPUTEX 2024 keynote, with CEO and Founder Jensen Huang emphasizing breakthroughs in AI technology. During his two-hour presentation, Huang highlighted the following key developments:

1. AI Factories: NVIDIA, a leader in generative AI architecture, announced partnerships with major computer brands such as ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock, and others to develop AI factories and data centres powered by NVIDIA’s Blackwell systems and Grace CPUs. These collaborations aim to usher in the “next industrial revolution” with the flexibility of NVIDIA’s MGX platform, which supports varying system sizes and configurations.

2. NVIDIA NIM (Nvidia Inference Microservice): This platform is now more accessible to developers, enabling them to deploy generative AI applications quickly—transforming a process that typically takes weeks into one that can be done in minutes. As part of NVIDIA’s AI enterprise platform, the company announced that members of its Developer Program will enjoy free access to NIM starting next month for research, development, and testing purposes.

3. NVIDIA Robotics: At the forefront of the $50 trillion industrial digitization movement, NVIDIA is driving sectors towards autonomous operations and digital twins—virtual models designed to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Huang showcased how Taiwanese manufacturers, including Foxconn, are utilizing NVIDIA’s technology such as the Omniverse, Isaac, and Metropolis platforms to develop digital twins and advance robotic facilities. The NVIDIA Isaac platform, in particular, offers a comprehensive toolkit for building AI-powered robots, including AMRs, industrial arms, and humanoids, with the support of AI models and supercomputers like Jetson Orin and Thor.