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Hong Kong – Duty on Tobacco

Customs Facilitation Measures for Wine Entering the Mainland through Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced on November 9, 2017 that wine re-exported from Hong Kong enjoy instant customs clearance in all customs districts of Mainland China.


Companies registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance and engaged in substantive business operation in wine may apply for registration under the Facilitation Measures (i.e. as Hong Kong Registered Wine Exporters), pre-registered Hong Kong wine traders may submit advance wine consignment information online and enjoy instant customs clearance upon their consignments’ arrival at Mainland ports. The measures are exclusive for wine entering the Mainland through Hong Kong. They were hitherto applicable only to five customs districts in the Mainland (namely Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen) and are extended to all 42 customs districts in the Mainland from November 9 onward.


The Mainland has all along been the largest market for wine re-exported from Hong Kong. With the extension of the customs facilitation measures, the wine community will benefit from more speedy customs clearance and greater certainty in the Mainland when re-exporting through Hong Kong. The extension will support international wine traders in tapping the Mainland market by making use of Hong Kong’s top-notch business and logistics infrastructure, and further strengthen Hong Kong’s unique position as Asia’s wine hub.