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Taiwan – Three Steps to Hiring Foreigners Legally

Three Steps to Hiring Foreigners Legally

According to the regulations of the Employment Services Act, employment for foreigners in Taiwan follows a “permit system”, requiring them to apply for permission from the Ministry of Labor. If a foreigner with family or permanent residency applies for a job using a personal work permit issued by the Ministry of Labor, employers must check the foreign resident permit, the original work permit, and family registry information before hiring. For new residents, hold resident visa not requiring to apply for a work permit from the Ministry of Labor according to the law, employers still need to inspect residence permits, passports, marriage certificates, or household registration information, and carefully verify photos and identities to avoid hiring illegal foreigners using fraudulent identities, which could result in fines of up to NT$750,000.


As for commonly referred to “white-collar” and “blue-collar” foreigners, they must apply for a ‘Work Permit’ in advance of employment and cannot be hired temporarily without a Work Permit. Additionally, they can only engage in the specific work activities approved by the permit. If there are doubts about the identity confirmation or job scope of foreigners, employers can check the “National Immigration Agency Residence Permit Inquiry Website” ( or contact the local service stations of the National Immigration Agency for inquiries by phone.