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Malaysia – Malaysia Tech Enterpreneur Programme (MTEP)

Malaysia Tech Enterpreneur Programme(MTEP)

MTEP meticulously defines its targeted sector to align with the core principles of technological innovation and advancement, leading to the exclusion of certain non-qualifying activities. The following list highlights activities that fall outside the scope of MTEP’s qualifying criteria.

Non-Qualifying Activities

The MTEP excludes the following activities from its qualifying criteria:

  1. Trading/Marketplace/Reselling Activity: Engaging in the buying and selling of goods without involvement in technological innovation.
  2. Manufacturing: The production of goods through physical processes, distinct from technology-driven development.
  3. Provision of Telco Services: Activities related to telecommunications services fall outside the scope of MTEP.
  4. Consultancy: Offering professional advice without active involvement in technology startup endeavors.
  5. Software Integration: Activities solely focused on integrating existing software without substantial innovation.
  6. Co-Working Spaces: Operations related to shared working environments are not considered qualifying under MTEP.
  7. Services Related Activities (design & support / outsourcing / freelancing services): Engaging in design, support, outsourcing, or freelancing services that do not align with the primary goals of MTEP.


If applicants intend to introduce an existing technology or business model to Malaysia, the application should demonstrate significant enhancements and additional value-added propositions. MTEP encourages a commitment to innovation and the infusion of new elements that contribute to the technological advancement and growth of Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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