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🍾 Hong Kong | Customs Facilitation Measures for Wine Entering the Mainland through Hong Kong

Since November 9, 2017, Hong Kong wine exporters, registered under the Business Registration Ordinance, have benefited from streamlined customs clearance in all Mainland districts. They can apply as Hong Kong Registered Wine Exporters for instant customs clearance by submitting advance consignment information online. The cooperation arrangement signed on February 9, 2010, facilitates this process, allowing traders to enjoy instantaneous customs clearance for wine imports through Hong Kong at any Mainland Port Customs District. Registration is voluntary, and non-registered businesses can continue exporting wine using general procedures.

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💲 Singapore | Optimistic 2024 Outlook for Singapore After Stronger-Than-Expected 4Q2023 GDP

Singapore’s 4Q2023 GDP grew by 2.8% year-on-year, surpassing Bloomberg’s 1.8% estimate. MTI’s advanced estimates for 2023 show full-year GDP growth of 1.2% year-on-year. Analysts diverge on 2024 prospects, with DBS, Maybank, RHB Bank, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation optimistic. Others, like OCBC and UOB, exercise caution due to external uncertainties. Maybank expects MAS to maintain its current monetary policy, reflecting confidence in Singapore’s economic recovery. Overall, while opinions vary, there is optimism for Singapore’s economic rebound in 2024.

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➖ Taiwan | Tax-Deductible Amount for Company Overseas Income Calculation

For Taiwan-based companies, income tax applies to global income. Overpaid foreign tax, from income eligible for exemption or reduced rates under a double taxation agreement, can’t be credited against Taiwan’s tax. Key considerations include: overseas income is net after deducting costs; foreign tax deduction is limited; and overpaid foreign tax due to treaty non-application is not deductible.

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💳 Vietnam | Vietnam Emerges as a Potential Investment Destination for German Companies

German investors express confidence in Vietnam, initiating 26 FDI projects totaling nearly US$221.5 million, highlighting Vietnam as a promising destination for diversification in Asia. The survey shows a positive trajectory for German businesses, with priorities including diversifying production (42%), and strategic considerations like growth potential (50%), customer proximity/localization (43%), and skilled labor availability (37%).

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🏣 Malaysia | SSM’s Companies (Amendment) 2023 Bill Tabled For The First Reading In Parliament

On October 10, 2023, the Companies (Amendment) 2023 Bill was introduced, aligning with global anti-money laundering standards. It enhances provisions to support companies during the COVID-19 pandemic and introduces a beneficial ownership reporting framework for improved corporate transparency. The bill extends the application of corporate arrangements to all companies, excluding those regulated by the Central Bank and specific licensed entities. Scheduled for the second reading at Dewan Rakyat by the end of November 2023.

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🆕 Singapore | A Glance At Singapore Variable Capital Company Structure

Premia TNC proudly unveils its exclusive service for the establishment of Singapore Variable Capital Companies (VCC), an efficient umbrella structure meticulously designed for investment funds. Discover limitless expansion possibilities and unrestricted flexibility within this sophisticated framework, offering scalability, tax efficiency, and operational flexibility. Experience a professional suite of services tailored to guide you through the complexities, ensuring strategic leveraging of VCC advantages.

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🆕 Vietnam | Enhance Your Business with Vietnam Compliance Consultancy

Discover unparalleled Vietnam Compliance Consultancy Services from Premia TNC. Navigate regulatory landscapes seamlessly, ensuring your business thrives in Vietnam’s dynamic market. Contact us for expert guidance on sustainable success.

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Premia TNC Hong Kong x Cathay | Unlock Rewards that Take you Places When you Partner with Premia TNC to Earn Over 10,000 Asia Miles! 

Embark on a rewarding journey for your business with PREMIA TNC x Cathay. Seize the opportunity to earn over 10,000 Asia Miles by joining our services. From enticing welcome offers to lucrative referral bonuses, every order placed successfully brings you closer to a world of unparalleled benefits. Grow your business and reap the rewards by elevating your success with PREMIA TNC!

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Premia TNC Hong Kong x Mastercard | Tailored Excellence and $500 Off! Elevate your Business with Premia TNC Hong Kong for This Exclusive Deal.

Get personalized corporate services at Premia TNC Hong Kong, designed for your unique needs. Our dedicated consultants handle tasks, letting you concentrate on growth. Enjoy a USD$500 discount using your Business Mastercard, unlocking 30% off premium accounting and tax filing services in Hong Kong.

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⭐ Premia TNC Taiwan x Mastercard | Propel your Business and Get $500 Off on us for the Personalized Success that Awaits you with Premia TNC Taiwan.

Experience personalized corporate services at Premia TNC Taiwan, tailored for your unique needs. Let our dedicated consultants manage tasks, freeing you to focus on growth. Take advantage of a USD$500 discount with your Business Mastercard, unlocking a 30% discount on premium accounting and tax filing services in Taiwan.

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 ⭐ Premia TNC Singapore x Vietnam | Masterplan your Expansion with Exclusive Markdowns for your Singapore Holding Company and Vietnam Subsidiary Ventures.

Unlock tax advantages in SG (territorial tax, 17% corporate tax) and VN (20%, DTAs, 0–17% incentives, loss carry-forward). Flourish in business-friendly environments with no withholding tax on dividends. Elevate your expansion strategy today, complemented by a limited-time discount with us.

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Premia TNC Singapore x Oasia Hotel Downtown | Enjoy Exclusive Corporate Rates at Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore!

Kick back and relax with our special corporate rates at the Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore, exclusively extended to all clients of Premia TNC Singapore Pte. Limited. Elevate your stay to a realm of refined luxury.

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⭐ Premia TNC Singapore x The Clan Hotel | Exquisite Corporate Privileges Await at The Clan Hotel, Singapore!

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our premium corporate rates at The Clan Hotel, Singapore, exclusively curated for esteemed clients of Premia TNC Singapore Pte. Limited. Elevate your corporate stay to unparalleled sophistication.

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Uncover Key Insights into Hong Kong Company Formation and Maintenance

Discover Insights on Hong Kong Company Formation! 

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