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Vietnam – Vietnamese Government to Listen to Partners and Investors

Vietnamese Government to Listen to Partners and Investors

The Vietnamese Government will always listen to and share with partners and investors, creating a peaceful and stable environment, and cooperation and development, where everyone works, benefits, wins, and grows together, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh made his speech at the Prime Minister’s meeting with FDI enterprises and Annual Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) on March 19.

Prime Minister Chinh thanked international partners and foreign investors for their companionship, support, and sharing despite many difficulties and challenges, contributing to Vietnam’s achievements. He highly appreciated the understanding, responsibility, and comments of participants in assessing the situation, analyzing reasons, and proposing recommendations.

“The FDI sector has made significant contributions to improving the quality of Vietnam’s economy not just in terms of quantity”, the PM added.

He proposed to further promote the role of people and the business community, including the FDI sector. Vietnamese people and businesses as the center, subject, resource, driving force, and goal of development; not sacrifice social progress justice, and the environment to pursue pure economic growth; and has the spirit of “harmonized benefits and shared risks”.

The PM called FDI enterprises continue to accompany and support Vietnam in five aspects of capital, institutions, technology, governance, and human resource training; implementing green transformation and sustainable development with the spirit of three pioneers.

The Prime Minister affirmed Vietnam’s commitment to “three assurances”, “three breakthroughs” and “three enhancements”. The three assurances include: Ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of businesses, including FDI ones as well as their stability and development towards green growth and major trends such as response to climate change; ensuring the country’s sovereignty, sovereign rights, and policy stability for investors’ confidence; ensuring energy stability towards green transition, developing a green transition ecosystem, digital economy and digital transformation.

Vietnam is also promoting three strategic breakthroughs of institutions serving green transformation and digital transformation; infrastructure, including economy, society, health, transportation, education green transformation infrastructure and digital transformation; and human resources.

The country will also implement three enhancements enhancing trust between businesses, the Government, and local authorities; enhancing transparency, equality, anti-corruption, and negative prevention; enhancing support for businesses to develop rapidly and sustainably, towards green transformation, digital transformation, and public-private partnership.