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Singapore – Microsoft Releases Copilot Pro with Upgraded Functionality

Microsoft Releases Copilot Pro with Upgraded Functionality

Copilot Pro offers the latest and most sophisticated features in Microsoft’s AI technology suite. A more advanced and faster iteration of Copilot, initially known as the new Bing Chat experience offers a paid version at a monthly subscription of $20 per user. This new version is especially designed to integrate with Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscriptions and introduces new functionalities, such as the creation of custom Copilot GPTs, as announced by Microsoft.

Key Features of Copilot Pro:

  • A unified AI experience across various devices, providing contextual understanding on the web, PC, across different apps, and soon on mobile phones, delivering the appropriate skills when needed.
  • Integration of Copilot in applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote on PC, Mac, and iPad for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers.
  • Priority access to the latest AI models, featuring OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo. Copilot Pro users will experience faster performance during peak usage times and will soon have the option to switch between models for an optimized experience, as explained by Microsoft.
  • Advanced AI-driven image creation with Image Creator from Designer (previously Bing Image Creator), offering faster processing with 100 boosts per day and delivering more detailed image quality and supporting landscape image formats.
  • The ability to create personalized Copilot GPTs tailored to specific topics of interest.

For enthusiasts of Copilot, or Bing Chat, who are eager to leverage the most advanced AI models, Copilot Pro is a significant upgrade. It prioritizes user prompts and offers expanded usage capabilities compared to the free version.