HK Employment Application

Hong Kong Employment Application

Education & Training 教育及學歷

Employment History 工作經驗 & References 推薦人

Reference should be filled at least 2 people’s info., each from the latest company that you worked for. 推薦人請填寫最後就職的兩家公司相關士信息

Languages 語文能力

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Declaration 聲明
本人明白如有故意隱瞞或提供虛假資料將會導致職位申請不被接納任後予解僱。 本人現同意韓中 物流集團有 限公司向前僱 主查詢有關本人之工作記錄。同時,亦意主將本人過往之工作記錄及表現與韓中 物流集團 有限公司。 本人明白一切資料絕對保密本人在此授權韓中 物流集團 有限公司進行需要之諮詢調查。
I understand that withholding information or providing inaccurate information will disqualify from employment or will provide insufficient grounds for subseque nt dismissal. I hereby give my consent to Korchina TNC Limited to contact my previous employers for a reference check. And I also hereby authorized the employers to release complete information concerning my employment record and job performance to Ko rchina TNC Limited. I understand that this information will be treated in the strictest confidentiality. I hereby authorized Korchina TNC Limited to undertake the necessary reference checks.