Closing down a company refers to the process by which a business or organization is made to stop activities or rendered nonexistent. To close down a business means that the company will stop business or cease to operate. Closing a business or company in Taiwan requires some critical steps, which we will be looking into in this article.

Closing a company is a process that entails many steps. In order to successfully close down a company in Taiwan, a legal dissolution has to be processed. Moreover, deregistration has to be done to dissolve the business together with its state of incorporation.

If you are considering closing a business anywhere around Taiwan, this article has got you covered on the process and steps to take.

What Are The Different Ways Closing Down A Company In Taiwan?

Different reasons can lead to the closure of a company in different ways. If such a company is to be closed, the owners are obliged to follow particular rules before closure. All creditors involved must be paid in full, the right authorities have to be informed. The bank account of the company will also be closed down. The following are some of the ways companies are closed in Taiwan.

1. Company Dissolution

Company dissolution is the simplest and most cost-effective way to close a company, particularly one that still has a healthy financial situation. But directors must adhere to certain rules before closure. Paying all creditors in full, shutting business bank accounts, and submitting final accountings are other factors needed to be in place.

For full company dissolution in Taiwan, the company needs to have ended trading three months before application. The company’s name will then be stroked off the register after full compliance with essential conditions.

2. Voluntary Liquidation

This is also a solvent liquidation that involves the use of a licensed professional. It is more costly to execute than the regular dissolution. The liquidator takes charge of all the necessary steps and legal actions involved in the liquidation of the company. It is a type of business closure that is instigated by the creditors of a failing company. It is usually adopted when the company is in the debt and the owners feel there is little chance of rescuing the situation.

3. Compulsory Liquidation

This happens when a creditor takes legal action against a company through petitions and lawsuits. If such a petition is granted, compulsory liquidation follows. Winding up of the company begins and the company is eventually closed down and the company name is deregistered from the list of companies. All business assets and properties are then sold to pay creditors and clear off debts.

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Company Dissolution in Taiwan

In the case of company dissolution, the legislature in Taiwan guarantees shareholders their right to share the assets of the business proportionally.

To proceed with the close of closing of the company in Taiwan, the business owners have to put a few next steps in place. A liquidator may then be appointed to help oversee the liquidation and closure of the company. Company dissolution in Taiwan entails the following steps:

1. Reach an agreement for business closure

In the case of the voluntary close of company, only the entrepreneurs (in case of numerous owners) or the sole proprietors may agree on the decision to close a company. A meeting may be held for corporations with more than one owner to vote on deciding whether to go ahead with the close of the company or not.

2. Notify and pay workers

The employees of the company have to be informed of the decision. Final wages should be paid. And all debt settled. If the company is undergoing liquidation, the assets of the company may be sold and used to cover up debts.

3. Tax clearance

The shareholders have to ensure all due tax payment has been made ahead of the liquidation date. A final tax return should be done in other to fully exempt the company from incurring tax debts.

4. File articles of dissolution

Once the decision to close a company has been made, the next step is to complete the filling paperwork for dissolution. The dissolution application should include relevant information such as:

  • The name of the business
  • Date for dissolution to take effect
  • Reasons for dissolution
  • Information on any legal pending action

The liquidator then needs to forward the mentioned documents to the shareholders for examination, after which the documents are submitted to the court. A property inventory alongside the company’s full financial statement should also be included.

Finally, after the company’s accounts are closed, the liquidator must compel the company’s creditors to declare their rights of claim and divide the remaining assets to each shareholder according to the percentage of their contribution.

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