When your employees are provided with all the necessary information, they will feel less stressed and more prepared to handle stressful and unexpected situations. Make sure they know of their rights, such as adequate paid Taiwan labor law annual leave under Taiwan Labor Standards Act.

FAQs of Annual leave entitlements Taiwan

1. Can I ask about minimum paid annual leave entitlement?

Annual leave entitlements under Taiwan Employees are entitled to the following paid annual leave according to their years of service, up to 15 days.

Years of ServiceAnnual Leave
2. Whether director(s) and shareholder(s) to visit in person in Taiwan for account opening?

Yes, but limited to permanent residency holders.

3. Are employees entitled to sick pay?

Employees are entitled to ordinary sick leave of 30 days a year, paid at half. When an employee hospitalized, one is entitled to unpaid sick leave of up to one year.

4. Is it mandatory to have work rules? What kind of information do you get it from?

Over 30 employees, it is mandatory to have a work rule list containing such information with respect to working hours, days, break time, holidays. Overtime work, retirement-related, industrial accident compensation plan, etc.

5. Can you tell more about overtime work policy?

Working days overtime work compensation is as below.
The items listed in work rules, below must be added accordingly.
The place of work, the calculation of pay, the day and method of payment, information on pension, education and training, awards and discipline procedures.

Working days over time (hours)Hourly compensation based on ordinary salary
0-2Additional 1/3 of hour salary
2-4Additional 2/3 of hourly salary

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