Company Information Sheet

Company Information Sheet

Kindly take some time to complete the questionnaire below, preferably by the active director, shareholder, or signatory. This information will give the bank a better understanding on the background of your company. Please be assured that the information given will be used solely for the Bank's records.

Company Information

Please write down your company name / preferred company name
For start-up business, you can write down your residential address as home office or the physical operating address in SG/oversea
The address to receive post mail from the bank. If you use Korchina TNC office address, you need to join our Virtual Office Package.
Please write the telephone number to receive call from the bank
to receive authentication code / OTP
to receive authentication code / OTP

Business Information of Singapore Company

Nature of Products/Service
(e.g. Electronics household appliances, electronics parts, garments)
If it is investment holding company, what kind of assets/investments will it hold?
Annual Business Turnover (If investment holdings, please specify Investment amount)
Name & Country of suppliers that company will be dealing with or equivalent (at least the major 3)
Name & Country of customers that company will be dealing with or equivalent (at least the major 3)
Destination of outgoing (outward) funds ( suppliers, investment cost or holding company/headquarter) countries where funds are going to)

Management-related questionnaire:

Are there other businesses owned by the directors?
Which bank you’re maintaining in your home country? If yes, please state.
Please choose end of financial year, 31-December or 31-March.
Please write the additional requirement to bank.