Once the company incorporated, you should take care the reporting & filing requirement for the company every year. According to Companies Ordinance, every HK limited company have to file the annual return and renew Business Registration every year.

The annual return

is a report notify the CR updated information and company structure. Whether the company structure has changed or not during the year, the company should file the Annual Return with latest company structure within 42 days from the anniversary date. For any late filing, there will be government penalty imposed to the company.


Regarding renewal of Business Registration Certificate, the Business Registration Fee should be paid to Inland Revenue Department within 30 days from the anniversary date in order to obtain the updated Certificate. The Business Registration fee amount may be adjusted by the HK Government in different financial year and it should be renewed on time to avoid any penalty.


The following is the issue that all of you may really concern about, which is the tax filing.

If you interested to know more about the tax system in Hong Kong, you can take a reference of our other video.


Profit Tax filing.  Hong Kong companies can freely choose their accounting year end date.  For companies having year end date between April to November, the tax filing deadline is 2nd of May of the following year.  December year end date companies have tax filing deadline on 15th August of the following year.  Companies having accounting year end date between January and March, the tax filing deadline is 15th November of the same year.  The first profits tax return is issued around 18 months after the date of incorporation and the filing due date is 3 months from the issue date of the return.

In order to complete the tax filing,

the company should submit tax computation report, audited financial statements and profits tax return.


The normal tax rate is 16.5% for limited companies and 15% for unincorporated business, such as partnership.  From 1st April 2018, two-tier tax rate regime was introduced.  Under this regime, eligible company can reduce half of the tax rate for the first two million Hong Kong dollars assessable profit.  That means 8.25% for limited companies and 7.5% for unincorporated business.


Another one is Employer’s Return which relevant with Salaries Tax, the tax year is from 1st April to 31st March of the following year.  The Employer’s return is normally issued on the first working day of April and the filing deadline is 1 month from the issue date of return.

Employer also has reporting obligation for all its employees, irrespective whether the employee rendered services in or outside Hong Kong if their total income exceed the reporting limit. 

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