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Taiwan – 2023 Personal Income Tax(PIT) Filing Due by May 31,2024

2023 Personal Income Tax (PIT) Filing Due by May 31,2024

2023 alien personal income tax filing period is from May 1st, 2024 to May 31st, 2024. The exemption, standard deduction, etc. can be applied for 2023 PIT are as below table:


(NTD138,000 for age 70 or above)

Standard deduction 


(NTD248,000 with spouse)

Special deduction

NTD207,000-salary deduction 

NTD120,000-preschool children deduction (per child under 5)

NTD25,000-tuition deduction

NTD270,000-saving and investment


NTD120,000-Long-term care

Please complete the filing and pay the tax , if necessary, before the due date.